Dairy milk Oscars reveal the best tasting drop originating from Barambah Organics

It will surprise many to find an organic skimmed milk from Barambah Organics’ has been declared by a judging panel as the nation’s most delicious

The panel of judges at the dairy Oscars were faced with sampling over 1000 cheeses, yoghurt, butters, milks and ice creams before finding a winner for the top prize

An organic, skimmed milk is officially the best tasting milk in Australia, scooping the showpiece prize at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards, dubbed the industry ‘Oscars’.

Barambah Organics 0.1% fat skimmed milk beat hundreds of much better known and bigger brands, and full-fat varieties, to be declared the winner, also bagging the evening’s most coveted prize for large producers: ‘Best Dairy Product’.

The panel of expert judges tasted over 1000 cheeses, yoghurt, butters, milks and ice creams before awarding it the top prize.

Barambah Organics CEO Matt Stanton said that the award was no surprise.

“When it comes to skimmed milk, Barambah Organics is officially la crème de la non-crème,” he said. “Our customers already knew our milk is the best you can buy so it’s great the judges have agreed.”

He claimed that the company’s secret is happy cows.

Once tasted, the judges simply couldn’t put Barambah Organics 0.1% fat skimmed milk drink down

“Our cows are free to munch on lush, green grass all day which results in healthier, tastier milk, cheese and yoghurt that are free from pesticides and chemicals,” he said. “Studies show that happy cows produce more delicious milk, and this award proves the point.”

And organic farming isn’t just good for the cattle. Organic farming uses 45% less energy, 20% less water and releases 40% fewer carbon emissions.

Not only that, but research has shown that organic cows are indeed happier and produce healthier milk with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Demand for organic food is soaring in Australia with average growth of 13% over the last decade as consumers switch to healthier produce that’s better for the planet.

Revenue growth in organic farms rose by 12.3% in the last year alone, according to IBIS World analysts, with the industry now worth well over $2.6 billion.

Australia has 23 million hectares of organic agricultural land, more than any other country. An extra half a million Aussies have started buying organic food in the last year alone.

Barambah Organics, Australia’s biggest organic dairy company, also won awards for the best tasting feta, low fat natural yoghurt, iced coffee and flavoured milk. All its milk is produced on its three farms in the south of Queensland and far north of NSW.