Dairy plan will lift production to 9.6 billion litres by 2025

The Australian Dairy Plan (ADP) blueprint has involved more than 1500 farmers and industry representatives from 25 regional forums across the country and once implemented is expected to increase farmgate value by an extra $500 million.

Australia’s annual milk production is capable of reaching almost one billion litres by 2025, and will create several thousand new jobs, mostly in rural and regional areas.

Moving forward this is what the ADP expects to accomplish: Reform industry structures to create a more cohesive dairy industry. Attract and support new people and investment to build the industry. Intensify the focus on farm business skills to improve profitability and better manage risk. Restore trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence.

The plan has a strong focus on providing Dairy farmers with the knowledge and services to achieve more consistent profits.

The target results for 2025 include greater than 50 per cent of farms achieving profit of at least $1.50 EBIT/kgMS from an increased national milk production of 8.7 billion litres currently to 9.6 billion litres. See more at Dairy production.

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