Deutz Drives for Australian market

Deutz Australia has launched its latest technology innovation – DEUTZ Drive a turnkey engine package that has been designed locally and specifically for the Australian market and conditions.  Source: AFDJ eNews

It is the latest in the DEUTZ Australia Power-Pack series.

Deutz Australia Managing Director Craig Chamberlin said this latest Australian innovation was a result of extensive discussions and feedback from the agricultural and industrial sectors.

“Our customers told us that they wanted a product that was more cost-effective, simpler and easier to use.  So we listened and developed a plug and play option which customers can customize to meet their specific needs,” he said.

“Essentially we are supplying a product that doesn’t have to re-engineered or require extra money to be outlaid to ensure our customers end up with the product they need.

“Deutz Drive takes all this hassle and cost away by allowing customers to couple our engine to their stationary platform, quickly and efficiently,” Mr Chamberlin said.

The Deutz Drive Power-Packs are based on the proven 912 and 914 series for air cooled engines, on the 2011 series for air-oil cooled engines, and on the 1013 series for water cooled engines.

They have been designed for long-term durability, are extremely economical due to their low fuel consumption, long oil change intervals and low maintenance.

The design is slick, sophisticated and compact.

Some of the main attractions of DEUTZ Drive include:

  • Complete Power-Pack solution for industrial and agriculture applications.
  • Complete with: mounting feet, engine mounted exhaust system, muffler & aircleaner and a wide selection of engine control panels.
  • Total finger protection & guarding system that complies with Australian standards.
  • Compact Design with standardised components and exactly specified connection points.
  • Cost Effective offering reduced installation work and cost allows a faster assembly time.
  • Frameless and flexible design which allows for an individual use.
  • Long-life engine with 3 years warranty.
    Very Economical thanks to low fuel consumption, long oil change intervals and low maintenance requirement.