DJI AGRAS T40 is the aerial solution for precise and safe spraying

DJI the world leader in drone technology has extended its reach further with a bigger and better spraying drone the AGRAS T40 and it’s available now

DJI has released the AGRAS T40 with the capability to carry 40 litres of liquid product or up to 50kg of spreading payload to become the King of the paddock skies

DJI has extended its lead in the spraying drone market with the release of the AGRAS T40 which is capable of carrying 40 litres of liquid or up to 50kg of spreading payload. 

This jump-up in product carrying capacity has operators swarming to the AGRAS T40, and the first batch that arrived sold out quickly, but luckily further stock is now available through a new factory shipment.

DJI models are becoming readily available through rural supply stores as this brand is seen as the most reliable with the backing of long-time distributor CR Kennedy who is always ready and willing to support any needs or additional modular parts required by buyers.

What gives the AGRAS T40 an advantage, apart from being capable of carrying 40 litres/liquid or up to 50kg of spreading/payload is its revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design.

Very important for an autonomous drone, as it allows it to carry the weight efficiently and then disperse the load effectively. Not all drones can match the performance of the DJI AGRAS T40. 

The AGRAS T40 combines mapping, spraying and spreading functions, while its UHD camera (see inset) and adjustable gimbal enable easy capture of your desired view. Farmland and orchard images can be captured in real-time, and local maps can be generated using the remote controller with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station. The system detects land boundaries and obstacles automatically, for quicker planning of flight routes over farmland and hilly orchards

As part of the design is a built-in Dual Atomized Spraying System disc that ensures more even droplets and more efficient pesticide targeting. 

When paired with an optional DJI RTK Base station and using the Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision, the drone can be set to follow all terrain and be ensured to keep at a set height across any type of crop.

The release of the DJI AGRAS T40 clearly demonstrates how important agricultural drones will become, as they have well and truly emerged from the realms of science fiction to practical farming operational status.

Previously released drones were already coming into use as a viable precision spraying platform for small areas such as orchards and vineyards with around a 30-litre carrying capacity.

And particularly those inaccessible locations where ground sprayers just could not reach or were unsafe to operate in, such as steep inaccessible hills, rocky outcrops or deep gullies. 

The AGRAS T40 is equipped with the revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design and the aircraft is built in with a Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased array Radar and Binocular Vision (see inset). It supports multiple missions from surveying, mapping to spraying and spreading to achieve ultimate precision in agricultural operations

The DJI AGRAS T40 will greatly expand that reach and be more readily accepted in a regular spray program with its ability to spray up to 21.3 hectares an hour of farmland, 4 hectares an hour around orchards and the ability to spread fertiliser at 1.5 tonnes an hour. 

Operators being introduced to DJI’s Agras drones for the first time will find them very simple to operate.

They are battery-powered and comprise a truss-type fuselage made of carbon fibre composite materials for a lightweight but strong build.

With a one-key locking arm design, the drone folds making it compact and highly portable between operations.

One outstanding addition to the DJI AGRAS T40 is its ability to combine mapping, spraying and spreading functions, while its UHD camera and adjustable gimbal enable easy capture of the desired ground view.

The AGRAS T40 supports real-time weighing as the aircraft is equipped with a weighing sensor that monitors the spread quantity and remaining payload. This also allows for fast disassembly and cleaning with the spreading device able to be dismantled in 3 minutes and washed with water – inset shows product tank

Farmland and orchard images can be captured in real-time, and local maps can be generated using the remote controller with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station.

The system detects land boundaries and obstacles automatically, for quicker planning of flight routes over farmland and hilly orchards. 

The spreading system on the AGRAS T40 also supports real-time weight monitoring sensors to optimise spreading and provide accurate refill alerts.  

With three layers of protection over critical components, the IP67 protection rating gives the protection required for regular disbursement of liquid fertiliser and protection from exposure to dust and corrosion.

The DJI AGRAS T40 with a battery system included along with an optional fertiliser spreader tank is ready to put to work.

For your nearest stockist, and for more model information see this link, or tel: 03 9823 1555 for more direct model availability.

DJI AGRAS T40 advantages at a glance

  • The T40 comes with several design improvements that enable more uniform spraying, three-minute disassembly, as well as being durable with better corrosion resistance. The drone supports real-time weight monitoring sensors to optimize spreading and provide accurate refill alerts.
  • DJI has equipped the T40 with an onboard mapping camera and an adjustable gimbal so that the drone can collect farmland and orchard images in real-time, build maps locally, and identify plot boundaries and obstacles automatically for intelligent route planning and efficient spraying and spreading.
  • With the DJI Smart Agriculture cloud platform activated, users can automate paddock inspections, crop growth analysis, and disease monitoring. In addition, pairing this system with the DJI P4 Multispectral drone allows farmers to apply solutions based on specific variables according to an automatically generated farmland prescription map.
  • The DJI T40’s improved 30,000 mAh intelligent flight battery promises an ultra-long service life with 1,500 charges. The smart charging hub can power a battery fully in 9 minutes.
DJI AGRAS T40 Aircraft Parameters
Total weight38 kg (without battery)
50 kg (with battery)
Max Takeoff Weight[1]Max takeoff weight for spraying: 90 kg (at sea level)
Maximum takeoff weight for spreading: 101 kg (at sea level)
Max Diagonal Wheelbase2184 mm
Dimensions2800 mm × 3150 mm × 780 mm (arms & propellers unfolded)
1590 mm × 1930 mm × 780 mm (arms unfolded, propellers folded)
1125 mm × 750 mm × 850 mm (arms folded)
Hovering Accuracy Range (with strong GNSS signal)RTK positioning enabled: ±10 cm horizontal, ±10 cm vertical
RTK positioning disabled: ±60 cm horizontal and ±30 cm vertical (radar enabled: ±10 cm)
RTK/GNSS Operating FrequencyRTK: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS F1/F2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5
GNSS: GPS L1, GLONASS F1, Galileo E1, BeiDou B1
Hovering Time[2]Hovering without payload: 18 min (@30000 mAh & takeoff weight 50 kg)
Hovering and spraying with full payload: 7 min (@30000 mAh & takeoff weight 90 kg)
Hovering and spreading with full payload: 6 min (@30000 mAh & takeoff weight 101 kg)
Max flight radius can be set 2000 m
Propulsion System – Motor
Stator Size100×33 mm
Motor KV Value48 RPM/V
Motor Power4000 W/rotor
Propulsion System – Propeller
Diameter 137cm (54 inches)
Rotor Quantity 8
Dual Atomized Spraying System – Operation Box
Operation Box CapacityFull load 40 L
Operating PayloadFull load 40 kg[1]
Dual Atomized Spraying System – Sprinkler
Sprinkler ModelLX8060SZ
Sprinkler Quantity2
Droplet Size50-300 μm
Max Effective Spray Width[3]11 m (relative operating altitude 2.5 m, flight speed 7 m/s)
Dual Atomized Spraying System – Water Pump
Pump ModelMagnetic Drive Impeller Pump
Max Flow Rate6 L/min*2
T40 Spreading System
Applicable MaterialsSolid dry particles with a diameter of 0.5 to 5 mm
Spread Tank Volume70 L
Spread Tank Internal Load50 kg[1]
Spread Width of Spreading System[4]7 m