Dondi subsoilers are ideal for deep ripping in rocky unworked or severely compacted ground

The 800 and MEGA Series deep rippers in the Dondi range offer 5 to 13 tine configurations that work across 2.5 to 6.0m (8.2 to 20ft) in depths down to 700mm (28-inches). Both Series are coupled with hydraulic rear rollers to match the finish being sought

Dondi’s range of subsoilers are a big name in Italy where growers have to tackle some unforgiving rocky ground and severe compaction.

Now being distributed locally by Farmtech Machinery, these models are up to the task.

Farmtech were drawn to the Dondi range due to their strong International success and the fact it’s a family owned company that have been manufacturing subsoilers, rotary ditchers and various tillage machinery since 1850.

Dondi is building up its reputation here through their quality range of 800 and MEGA Series deep rippers.

These models can work down to depths of 600 to 700mm (24 to 28-inches) with the benefit of a specially designed 45-deg inclination of the tine that makes these deep rippers very efficient for soil

penetration and it allows for reduced traction as well.

Subsoilers from the 800 and MEGA Series in 5 to 13 tine configurations are best suited to working widths ranging from 2.5 to 6.0m (8.2 to 20ft).

The subsoilers frames are manufactured from high resistance steel, have a high clearance frame and are John Deere quick hitch capable.

These well-built Dondi subsoilers have a highly secure shear bolt system in their standard build and have more recently also added hydraulics for specialist work operations.

Further standard equipment includes a hydraulically controlled double spike roller to level ground and break clods down to leave a level finish.

The double roller design has been adapted as a larger diameter roller at the front to increase efficiency in sandy soil conditions.

Other options that growers have available are mounted fertiliser bins on top of the frame to be applied at the same time as deep ripping, and a tungsten hard facing on the points to suit very rough working conditions.

When there is a need to go heavy-duty in broadacre, Dondi has the answer with its unique fast coupling CTR 800 trolley that attaches to the 800 or MEGA Series subsoiler.

This makes the Dondi products more compatible with high power tractors that don’t have a rear linkage fitted.

Dondi 800 Series subsoilers are contractor grade rippers that can work at depths down to 500 to 600mm (20 to 24-inches). With the advantage of the 45-deg inclination of the shank it significantly reduces the tractor power required.

With working widths from 2.5 to 6m (8 to 20ft) it makes the Dondi 800 Series subsoilers one of the most cost-effective systems available for tractors in the 96 to 368kW (130 to 500hp) power bracket.

Meanwhile Dondi MEGA Series subsoilers are able to work down to a 700mm (28-inches) depth.

With their high clearance of 1.15m (3.8-ft) it prevents clogging to ensure a perfect flow of soil even with heavy residue present.

The tines on the Dondi MEGA Series have a high-resistance pull-bolt safety device to protect the machine and the tools against shocks and overloads.

The Dondi 800 Series is one of the most cost-effective systems available with With working widths from 2.5 to 6m (8 to 20ft) and depths down to 500 to 600mm (20 to 24-inches)

Both the Dondi 800 and MEGA Series can easily be coupled with different kinds of hydraulic rear rollers, depending on the type of soil and the finish being sought.

A double rear roller kit is now seen as a vital tool for uniform breakup of the soil.

The objective result of using this type of tool is to eliminate water pooling that in turn helps drain the land and eliminate crop losses.

It also helps the soil retain moisture during dry spells, ensuring a better yield.

With an adjustable double rear roller added to a deep ripping shank combination it tackles the soil in two processes.

The soil breaking shanks get down in depth while the opposed rollers handle initial surface work, levelling the land evenly for subsequent finishing operations on the sowing bed.

Farmtech Machinery are now the local distributors for the Dondi range of equipment. For more Information contact Farmtech Machinery in Wodonga Vic on tel: 02 6024 6800, or take a look at their website:


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