Duraquip primes seed Storm for successful launch into season

With a retracting hydraulic tine system and main frame lift it means even the widest 24.2m (80ft) Seed Storm bar folds to a manageable 7.5m for transport

Seed Storm is primed and ready for the title of our greatest ever home grown planting bar as it preps for delivery to growers across the country following a record harvest in some growing regions

Orders are now being taken for what is one of our most up to the minute seed bar designs that has also set out to ensure 24.2m (80ft) plus bars can easily be transported.

Engineers at well-known WA based transport trailer makers Duraquip saw this niche in the market and decided to put their background of 110 years of farming experience to work.

The task was to build a large-scale broadacre seeding bar with everything local growers wanted but couldn’t get from the imports. The result is the innovative, home-grown Seed Storm seeding bar.

Growers are already familiar with Duraquip, the company has enjoyed great success in the agricultural market as the builder of Tornado bulk trailers for seed, fertiliser and grain harvest handling.

Growers and contractors are aware of the reliability, safety, efficiency, quality and user-friendliness of the Tornado “belly dumper” trailers.

With that experience under its belt, the Gnowangerup WA based manufacturer wanted to put a few things right for local growers, with many not quite getting what they expected from current seed bars.

Duraquip will offer the locally manufactured Seed Storm bar in widths from 10.6 to 24.2m (35 to 80ft) and with 250 to 300mm (10 to 12-inch) spacings

Engineers at Duraquip had the experience and knowledge to create an implement that would meet the changing needs of large-scale broadacre operations.

Garry Richardson, Director of Duraquip, says he has a passion for perfection that led to the development of the Seed Storm, a locally manufactured seeding bar built for strength and flexi­bility.

The newly released bar was subjected to rigorous testing and scrutiny for over a year before being released for sale.

The Seed Storm is ideal for large-scale farming operations that often have to skip from one farm to the other within a short time frame to work within optimum growing conditions.

The popular Tornado seed fertiliser trailer is known for its seeding efficiency, and the Seed Storm bar has been built with the same ingenuity.

“The 24.2m (80ft) seeding bar market is growing, there are farmers out there who want to get more done, and we now have tractors that can pull these machines,” Garry said.

“Farmers are chasing efficiency. Times and seasons are changing to the point that what was once considered a good start date for seeding has now become a finish date.

“We wanted to build a bar that would perform well in all conditions it had to work in and get a lot of crop into the ground fast,” Garry added.

In creating the Seed Storm, Duraquip has included a bevy of current operator requests to make it a truly versatile machine. Bars are available in widths from 10.6 to 24.2m (35 to 80ft) and with 250 to 300mm (10 to 12-inch) spacings.

The unique folding system on the Seed Storms allows for a maximum transport width of 7.5m (24.6ft) for the 24.2m (80ft) bar.

This is achieved with a unique retractable tine system, with a single lift cylinder that controls the whole frame and there is the further option of a castor lock system to assist with bar tracking.

Seed Storm offers the most innovative airflow system with efficient stainless steel hoses from the bin to the front of the drawbar and leading to the heads

During development, the company ran two bars, one at a width of 12m (60ft) and the other at 18m (80ft), with each covering 4,000 hectares with minimal reported issues.

To eliminate uneven depth control Duraquip developed its single cylinder hydraulic lift system to mechanically maintain a level frame 100% of the time.

“The Seed Storm has a strong frame but we made it flexible enough so it would avoid any cracking. It also has a floating drawbar for contour following ability and excellent fore and aft frame stability.

“It rides where you set it, doesn’t twist into the ground, and doesn’t skate along the top either, even in exceptionally hard digging conditions,” Garry added.

The Seed Storm 24.2m (80ft) bar rides on 20 large diameter, high flotation wheels to keep it running smoothly and also to provide the flotation across deep sandy or wet soils that operators have been asking for.

Rim patterns, along with wheel bearings are uniform across the machine.

Excellent trash flow has been a focus of Duraquip engineers and this is ensured by keeping all wheels clear of the seeding zone. Well positioned, in front and behind the tine ranks, this serves to avoid any drag up around wheels.

Ease of maintenance was also a key requisite in the Seed Storm design. The main frame uses long-lasting Gar-Max bushes throughout, making it virtually greaseless.

Duraquip engineers also came up with an innovative retracting hydraulic tine system and main frame lift to allow for the more manageable 7.5m transport width and good road clearance of the 24.2m (80ft) bar.

“It also makes for a lot of room to change points – you’re not crawling through a jungle of tines only just off the ground,” Garry added.

To paddock test of the Seed Storm wider 24.2m (80ft) bar was turned over to Queensland agricultural contractor, Jase, who put it to work in a range of conditions .

Involved with farming for most of his life and having had exposure to many other seeding bar brands, Jase was unsure at first if the Seed Storm at a 24.2m (80ft) width would work when put to the test.

He found the Seed Storm sustained its performance in both dry sandy ground and the hardest ground he could find.

The locally made Seed Storm bar has earned praise for its ability to maintain a level frame and constant digging depth in all conditions from dry sand to hard rock and clay

“It blew me away,” Jase said, “most products have teething issues but for something of this quality to work straight away, that’s a feat in itself. It doesn’t move around, everything stays level, and precision wise, it’s one of the best I’ve seen.”

“The thing I like about Duraquip is that they take a critical eye to their own products, that makes it easier for owners down the line… they want a machine out there that can’t be faulted.”

“It folds up beautifully. It’s a big bar, but easy on the road too.”

Jase said one of his biggest concerns was pulling ability, but the 30 tonne standard weight kits on a Versatile 620DT solved that issue.

“It’s nearly a 100-tonnes seeding rig when all the tanks are full.” said Jase.

“Driving 127mm (5-inches) into ground at 24.2m (80ft) wide with a total of 96 tines and 1200psi tine breaks certainly put the pressure on, but it was ripping like a deep ripper.”

Jase also says the Seed Storm has one of the cleanest seeding airflow systems he’s ever seen – there are hoses from the bin to the front of the drawbar, with stainless steel then leading to the heads.

“It’s incredibly smooth and streamlined, any wear points are easily replaceable in the stainless-steel system,” he said.

“The trash flow is excellent. We ran it across header trails that had been missed baling, across broken bale patches, and through long wiry canola stubble and it just sailed through it all,” he said.

According to Jase, after 4000ha, there was nothing major to change or fix on the bar.

“Operating it was easy, just a few tweaks around the main adjustment area, but the seed placement is perfect.”

Get an order in for the Seed Storm now as this seeding system has the potential to become the top selling locally made model with everything you ever wanted

Duraquip ran a limited production run of the Seed Storm for 2021 with full production about to begin, and has appointed McIntosh & Son as exclusive dealers.

“The timing of our initial R & D program has coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted supply chains throughout the world,” Garry said. “So, we had to wait a year before fully gearing up.”

See more model information and catch the video at Duraquip or call on tel: 1800 271 800, send an email direct to sales@duraquip.com.au