ENZED hydraulics on call to farms


If you think of the greatest inventions and developments in the world like the wheel, automation and agricultural equipment spring to mind but not the power of hydraulics. Source: AFDJ eNews

However, without hydraulics many of today’s farming machines would be nothing more than sophisticated carts.

In its simplest form, hydraulics deals with the science and engineering of fluid mechanics, where the activation of liquid creates the ability to generate, control and transmit power.

Hydraulically operated machinery uses hydraulic fluid transmitted through the machine to various hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders and once pressurised according to the resistance present it produces a reaction such as lifting or pressing.

The fluid is generally controlled directly or automatically by control valves and distributed through hoses and tubes.

Hydraulic machinery has been such a breakthrough tool for the human race due to the very large amount of power that can be transferred through small flexible hoses to activate this power in a wide range of applications.

Since 1981 Australian industry has relied on ENZED to keep hydraulic machinery working.

ENZED brings the hydraulic repair equipment out to where the machinery is located rather than customers coming to ENZED.

With ENZED pioneering this on call hydraulic repair service the industry has been able to reduce downtime and reduce transport costs when it comes to moving large items of agricultural machinery.