Equalizer top fill air cart added to range

Equalizer has added a top fill air cart with product capacity configurations ranging from twin bin models in a neat 12000-litres package then stretching up to four bins offering 20000-litres capacities

Adding to Equalizer’s line of products for this season is the top fill air cart which is a similar system to the conventional air cart.

There is an extensive selection of product capacity configurations ranging from twin bin models of 12000-litres or up to four bin models offering a 20000-litre capacity.

These configurations are achieved with a combination of 4000 or 6000-litre bins.

Equalizer has expanded its Air Cart range to give growers more options when deciding what to buy. With growers requiring different preferences, having both bottom fill and top fill configurations has opened the Equalizer Air Cart up to a larger market.

And now with over 100 machines operating throughout Australia, the Equalizer Air Seeder and Cart are becoming a familiar sight on local farms. There is also recent data released by The Liebe Group, a grower driven not for profit organisation in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia, that confirms the excellent results to back the reason to purchase an Equalizer.

The results are there to back up purchasing the machine – see link https://twitter.com/LiebeGroup/status/1067637202459361281 – and farmers are taking the Equalizer models into serious buying consideration more than ever.

The capability and uncomplicated running of the Equalizer are what growers are looking for.

There aren’t many Air Seeders on the market that can gain consistent results when working both shallow or deep, let alone stand up to Australia’s tough planting conditions.

When growers invest in seeding equipment they look for longevity and just as importantly, improvement in crop establishment. Equalizer have both these boxes ticked.

Equalizer’s latest addition Top Fill Air Carts offer product capacities up to 20,000-litres

There are a number of factors throughout the Equalizer Air Seeder planting system that allows for this, including the X9 Simple seed depth settings that can be changed within minutes.

A hydraulic coulter option to help through heavy stubble loads. As well as the parallelogram tine assembly – where seed depth is controlled via the press wheel.

Many growers are also impressed with the use of 10mm thick steel through the frame and domex steel thoughout the tine assembly. The knife points on the Equalizer can rip from 25 to 200mm and it offers a 500kg (1,100lb) tine breakout pressure.

Equalizer has invested a lot of time into testing its range in Australia to better understand growers – and with working conditions similar to those in its manufacturing base in South Africa – has made massive progress in buyer interest over the past 12 months.

In early February, Equalizer distributor Harberger Pty Ltd attended the CTF conference held in Ballarat Vic to add to the understanding on how current seeding models are adding to and improving previous farming practises.

With the Equalizer system catering for CTF (controlled traffic), a 12m (40ft) Equalizer Air Seeder and 20,000-litre Equalizer Air Cart was on display at the conference and gained a lot of attention from growers seeking time saving planting methods.

For real time growing results and a video link to the Equalizer range, go to this local link where demonstrations are also featured https://twitter.com/LiebeGroup/status/1067637202459361281

For more information on the Equalizer top fill Air Cart and Air Seeder bar range, contact Charles from local distributor Harberger’s on tel: 0447 876 983 or email: charles@harberger.com.au