Date(s) - 4 Aug 2024 until 5 Aug 2024
9:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Hamilton Showgrounds
Shakespeare Street
Hamilton Victoria

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Sheepvention Rural Expo 2024 will be held from Sunday 4 August until Monday 5 August. 

Sheepvention Rural Expo brings together farming, competitions, innovation, entertainment and paddock to plate education. This event is run by the Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society, attracting over 25,000 visitors and 600 trade exhibitors to the show. The event is held in the first week of August each year at the Hamilton Showgrounds.

Some components of the event include the Ram Sale, Hamilton & Western District Sheep Show, Victorian Yard Dogs Championships, Inventions Competition, Kids Muster Trail, and much more!

The Ram Sale is a unique part of the show, where rams are sold to Victorian and Interstate vendors in order to demonstrate the diversity of sheep in Australia. Whilst the sale is generally renowned for its pen of five, in 2022 the committee also opened up to a pen of three to cater for various studs, following the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Victorian Yard Dogs Championships also attracts huge crowds as does the Hamilton & Western District Sheep Show.

The Kids Muster Trail focusses on the education of paddock to plate concepts and sustainability in farming as well as in our own backyards – in a very fun and engaging way.

Sheepvention Rural Expo also showcases sustainability and ethical farming practices in Victoria.

In 2023, the Hamilton P&A Society celebrated 165 years of operation and 45 years of running Sheepvention in Hamilton, Victoria.

Sheepvention Rural Expo is a vital and historical event for Hamilton, Victoria.

Sheepvention 2023 will be held from Sunday 4 August until Monday 5 August. 

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or questions you may have

President’s message

Sheepvention Rural Expo 2024 will be held on Sunday 4 and Monday 5 August at the Showgrounds in the heart of Hamilton, regional Victoria – The epicenter of the pastoral and agricultural industry for over 160 years.

I am excited to share with you the tremendous significance of Sheepvention Rural Expo and the pivotal role that sponsors play in its success. Sheepvention Rural Expo, is not merely a gathering for farmers and industry professionals; It is a celebration of our agricultural heritage, a platform for innovation and a catalyst for economic growth within the Western District.

Since its inception in 1979, this two day event has grown into one of the most prestigious rural events in Australia, providing an unrivalled platform for agribusiness, machinery, equipment, livestock and professional services. Without the generous support of our sponsors, we would not be able to realise the full potential of Sheepvention Rural Expo.

Sponsorship allows us to enhance the scale and quality of the event, promote it effectively and reach a wider audience. In return for your sponsorship, we offer various benefits, including prominent brand visibility, opportunities for product promotion and the chance to immerse your business with industry I invite you to partner with us in making Sheepvention Rural Expo a resounding success. Your support is not just an investment; it is a commitment to the growth, sustainability, and prosperity of our industry.

Please contact Emmelie Nijskens, Business and Events Manager who will work closely with you to ensure that your sponsorship aligns with your specific goals and objectives. We look forward to partnering with you in 2024! David Botterill President, Sheepvention Rural Expo Hamilton Pastoral & Agricultural Society.

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