Faresin mid-range FS Telehandlers take farm market by storm

Telehandlers in the FS Middle Series are built to take on any farm jobbing with lift capacities from 4 to 4.5 tonnes and 7 to 10m booms

Faresin FS Middle Range telescopic handlers are ideal for farm operations with loading and handling ranging from 7.1m up to 9.8m in height with a 4000 or 4500kg lift capacity and transport speed up to 40kph

Faresin mid-range telehandlers built for farming have taken a giant performance leap with four models in the FS Middle Series offering 4 to 4.5 tonnes lift capacities and boom heights reaching from 7.1 to 9.8m.

Getting the immediate notice of farm operations are the 7.40 and 7.45 models with a 7.1m lift height and lift capacities of 4,000kg and 4,500kg respectively.

While the high lifting 8.40 and 10.40 both have 4,000kg lift capacities and as the model number suggests maximum reaches of 8m and 9.8m respectively to gain some extra prowess around high sheds and silos.

With the trend of offering operators a model that will fit into their unique workload, Faresin engineers have offered the Middle Series in two specification levels, to ensure the right fit. Choose from a Classic or Performance.

The base Classic specification is fitted with Deutz engine power of 75kW (103hp) and sports a 110-litres/min hydraulic flow, or step up to a more powerful Duetz engine pushing out 85kW (115hp), with a 150-litre/min hydraulic flow.

And to curtail all this energy into daily farm jobbing these models can ideally be equipped with the Faresin HVTronic continuously variable transmission to get everything settled into position with a minimum of effort by the operator.

Local distributor Ahern Australia is shaping Faresin telehandlers into leading models by offering what local operators have been asking for.

This FS Middle Series in particular will appeal to the broadest range of operators for any models released to date as they will blend the requirements of feed and livestock producers with bigger capacity loaders and forklifts for quick loading.

In addition, all Faresin telehandlers are being delivered with a quick hitch as standard, and in most cases have the largest suitable tyres available and an air-suspended seat. In addition, there is a handy 12-tonne tow hook and a full complement of LED work lights.

Faresin FS Middle handler’s cabin is designed for maximum comfort and external visibility with every control within easy reach and equipped with an anatomical seat with adjustable armrests and steering wheel

All versions of the FS Middle Series come standard with Ecodrive hydrostatic transmission control, and this measures how much power is required to be distributed against the driving mode, creating a substantial reduction in fuel consumption.

Operators get the benefit of 4-wheel drive steering combined with three steering modes.

With three steering modes as standard, FS Middle telehandlers are extremely agile and manoeuvrable with a turning radius of only 4.15 metres and a wheelbase of 2.95 metres with reduced rear overhang.

Faresin FS Middle Series models can be selected based on what is required for any farm operation as compared to buying an unnecessary high-spec more expensive unit.

The Classic configuration offers a simple single-gear Ecodrive start and stop electronic transmission with a speed range from 0 to 30kph.

While the Danfoss hydrostatic dual-speed transmission on the Performance offers a maximum speed of 40kph.

Faresin FS Middle Range telehandlers are built on a single block chassis configuration to ensure a low centre of gravity and as a result offers greater stability

Advanced engines

Faresin FS Middle Series models are equipped with the most advanced engines available for farm handlers.

Deutz Stage IIIA 4-cylinder engines offer power ranging from 75 to 115kW (103 to 115hp) and are equipped to take on constant stop start and jobbing.

Faresin engineers have added further to the available power by placing the engines in the bay on a longitudinal arrangement. This allows related hydraulic components to gain better power transmission efficiency and adds to the effectiveness of the cooling system management.

This arrangement has also allowed the integrated heat exchanger to be placed horizontally. This gets away any dust inside sheds or from mud when working outside.

While an Inching function integrated into the brake pedal is standard for the entire Faresin FS range to provide full control even for the more delicate handling operations

The electronically controlled ventilation system is activated as required and can reverse the airflow to keep the system clean at all times. A technology that also reduces noise and consumption for a longer service life for components.

For operators faced with cold morning starts, there is preheating of the intake air with glow plugs. Now standard on all FS Series engines and allows cold starts down to minus 25-deg.

These clean engines with added temperature management are what many operators have been seeking for a model that can work inside farm buildings and be highly effective for long paddock shifts.

The operator position in the cabin ensures maximum manoeuvrability of the telehandler due to a well-situated control dashboard with an intuitive multifunction LCD colour display option

Cab visibility

FS Middle Series models carry forward the functional design first displayed on the FS compact Series launched here just over 18 months ago.

Faresin engineers stepped up to significantly improve visibility and part of the design is a notably tapered slope on the right front wheel while the overall cab design induces a 360° view.

Notable improvements include large anti-glare windows and an extended windscreen, all combined to reduce blind spots

Operators have gained more machine control through better ergonomics in cab interior design which leads to more intuitive operation.

Through the 125mm (5-in) display it is easy to view all engine operating parameters and simple accessory functions such as the air conditioning and headlight control.

The operator can keep the work situation under control at all times with the help of powerful LED lamps that are available as road or work lights on the cab and boom to provide excellent illumination.

Transmissions choices

Faresin FS Middle models can be equipped with a transmission to best suit the work situation. Choose a Classic model with hydrostatic single-speed, or Performance model with a dual-speed hydrostatic transmission.

With the hydrostatic continuously variable dual-speed Performance transmission it ensures viable travel up to 40kph without over-reaching.

With this current transmission technology, the operator simply by pressing the accelerator pedal can count on a fluid driving action and maximum traction at all times.

Driving modes

As with the Ecodrive transmissions in the FS Series, there are three different driving modes selectable for the Classic level including Creeper, Slow and Automotive drive. With a 30kph top speed.

While in the Performance level the three modes including Ecodrive for road or transport travel up to 40kph that encapsulates an automotive-type control.

While Slow speed is limited to 15kph to offer a much smoother throttle response curve for approaches or precision work.

There is also Forklift, a mode that takes control of the diesel engine revs directly from the joystick according to the movement of the telescopic boom. All optimised for maximum efficiency and fuel savings.

Performance spec level also includes three steering modes – front/4-wheel steer/crab.

Faster boom movement with better vision is the benefit operators will attain from the Faresin FS Middle range of telehandlers with lift heights from 7.1 to 9.8m

Faster booms

Faresin FS Middle models already win out in the boom stakes with lift heights from 7 to almost 10 metres and load capacities from 4.0 to 4.5 tonnes, more than adequate for all farm operations.

Faresin engineers have equipped these models with a double-C boom design and built them in robust S420 steel.

In addition, an Ecofast-E valve option further ensures smooth and fast movements, even when working at low speeds.

The booms on the FS Middle models are fitted with electronic load compensation, and this gives optimal control of the machine, further improving work safety.

Operators will also be drawn to take the option of several smart functions that are available for these FS generation handlers.

The big advantage Faresin’s FS Middle range of telehandlers offer is lift heights from 7.1 to 9.8m

Take a look at the function that limits the height of the boom movement. It’s ideal to use when working in confined spaces, such as low roofs or where there are several ground obstructions.

In addition, with this function the speed of all boom movements whether raising or lowering, pivoting or swinging can be individually adjusted for faster or slower operation.

Further functions can be added for better control of attachments, such as the bucket with the automatic boom retraction or bucket shaking option.

The floating boom function is also an ideal option when using attachments that need to adapt severely because of uneven ground.

It is also possible to set safety retarders when you are at the end of the movements where they are most taxing on the machine’s structure. This ensures a longer service life for the components.

Faresin’s FS Middle Series is the most current build that responds to demand from operators for telehandlers offering more precision handling for greater heights and loads. With an ease of operation and more operator comfort.

These FS Middle Series telehandlers have an advanced technological level that will hold these models at the top of their category and be prepared for further developments such as interaction between machines and farm operation HQs.

See more about Faresin FS Middle Series on the local website, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Contact the distributor Ahern Australia for your nearest dealer here or call on tel: 1300 900 700.

Faresin FS Middle Range telehandler specifications

Choose from two levels of finish

Faresin FS Middle Series Classic finish

  • Deutz 75KW/103hp Stage IIIA engine
  • Geared pump Flow rate 100L/min @230 bar
  • Flow sharing distributor
  • Constant front flow hydraulics
  • Boom suspension
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Proportional Non-reversible Fan
  • Ecodrive Start & Stop Electronic Transmission
  • Tyres 400/70/R24 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 120 L
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 120 L
  • 6-way divertor valve on hitch
  • Quick hitch with Faresin hitch (other brand hitches available)
  • Air suspended seat
  • 125mm (5-inch) touch screen
  • Creeper, slow and Automotive drive modes
  • Radio DAB/BT Integrated into 5′ Display
  • Dump angel: 144 °
  • Steering radius 3.8m

Faresin FS Middle Series Performance finish

  • Deutz 85kw/115hp Stage IIIA engine
  • Load sensing pump – 150 L/min@250 ba
  • 4-wheel drive
  • 3 steering modes – front/4-wheel steer/crab
  • Maximum speed 40kph
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Danfoss Hydrostatic Dual-speed transmission
  • Faresin Hydraulic quick coupler with pallet forks
  • 6-way diverter valve 
  • Air conditioning
  • Grammer Comfort Air Suspension Seat
  • Front Windscreen Protection Grill
  • Sun curtain In Cab
  • 125mm (5-inch) touch screen
  • Reversible Proportional Fan
  • Ecodrive Start & Stop Electronic Transmission
  • CEAT Lift Pro Tyres 460/70 R24
  • Fuel Tank 120 L
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 120 L
  • Constant Front Flow Hydraulics
  • Three driving modes: Ecodrive, Slow, Forklift
  • •Three driving modes: Ecodrive, Slow, Forklift
  • •12 tonne tow hook
  • •Flow-sharing distributor
  • •Locking differential
  • •Creeper mode
  • •Ecofast valve on boom
  • •Boom Suspension & Float
  • •7 pole rear electric socket
  • •Halogen front & LED rear road lights
  • •4 x LED work lights
  • •2 x LED lights on boom
  • •Courtesy light on step
  • •Radio DAB/BT Integrated into 125mm (5-inch) display
  • •1 x set of Remote hydraulics on rear
  • •Dump angle: 144 ° •Steering radius 3.8m