On farm storage on the rise

Andrew Venning, of farm machinery manufacturer Vennings, said the shift towards more sophisticated on-farm storage systems meant demand for large-scale grain moving equipment was on the rise. Sources: North Queensland Register, Farmonline

Speaking at the Wimmera Machinery Field Days, Mr Venning said there had been solid enquiry for his company’s range of augers. In particular, the high capacity 27.95cm in diameter flight model had attracted a lot of interest.

“Farmers are looking for an auger they can move around easily from silo to silo and that can outload grain and this one fits the bill,” said Mr Venning.

He said the machines could vary in length from 10.66 metres to 18.28 metres, with a maximum lift on the 18.28 metre machine of 12.09 metres.

Mr Venning said the large auger could outload cereal grain at a rate of over three tonnes a minute, meaning a B-Double sized truck could be filled in less than 15 minutes.

Transportability was a key factor in the design of the auger

The flexibility mantra is also borne out in the spouting, which can be adjustable to suit different trucks and silos.

Cameras can be fitted in order to minimise the need for climbing the truck or silo to monitor progress.