Farmers Edge SmartPro is a digital tool for Agronomists

eScout is part of the suite of data gathering information incorporated in the SmartPro system

Farmers Edge, a developer of precision agriculture tools has launched SmartPro especially for Ag professional advisors to collect data from its farm customers.

SmartPro is able to pair digital technology with the agronomic expertise of dealers and rural supply retailers, crop advisers and agronomists.

SmartPro will be a must have tool to help ag professionals make better use of time and resources when sampling and putting into effect variable-rate programs for their customers.

This how Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge sees the programl working, “Through SmartPro, we’re putting data-driven insights directly into the hands of ag professionals.

“By giving them access to eSample, a precision soil sampling app; RxPro, a complete variable-rate technology system; and eScout, an advanced scouting platform.

“They can work confidently knowing they’re utilising the most comprehensive toolset on the market. SmartPro relieves the burden of manual work for ag professionals enabling smart decision-making and creating more opportunities for growth.”

Powered by paddock-centric data collection, advanced analytics, integration and real-time data, users can see more about the grower’s operations and cater for any services required.

integration and real-time data, ag professionals will have access to insights that provide a deeper understanding of growers’ needs, allowing them to deliver a higher level of service.

Ag professionals are limited by time and resources; SmartPro is a scalable solution for providing sampling, and variable rate programs across more paddocks, in less time.

SmartPro is available in all the regions Farmers Edge currently operates in Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, and Russia.