Fendt 1000 Vario in a class of its own

The Fendt 1000 Vario is ideal for large-scale farmers and contractors that are looking seriously at purchasing a tractor class not previously available. Up until now no one has channeled more than 368kW (500hp) through anything other than tracks or four equal size wheels. But Fendt engineers changed all that with the Fendt 1000, a standard wheel tractor that is lighter and also more manoeuvrable than others at this power level.

Four models are ready for delivery with rated power from 279 to 368kW (380 to 500hp). Then add to that a power bulge that takes the 1038 to a peak output of 291kW (396hp); the 1042 to 320kW (435hp); the 1046 to 350kW (476hp); and the flagship 1050 peaking at 380kW (517hp).

The power is from a 12.4-litre MAN D2676 LE13x straight six engine with electronic common rail fuel injection operating at 1800 Bar pressure and uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for emissions control without having to also resort to a diesel oxidation catalyst (dOc) or diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The Vario transmission, with its combination of mechanical and hydrostatic power flow, has been substantially uprated for the Fendt 1000 application, becoming the TA400 with larger 370cc hydrostats amongst the changes.

The working principal remains the same, though, with a wide-angle piston pump and two wide-angle motors delivering the flexibility of 100per cent hydrostatic drive at start-up and a linear progression to 100 per cent mechanical drive at top speed. However, there is no two-range gearbox as on lesser Fendt Vario tractors; the 1000 Vario performs all paddock work at speeds from 0.2kph and tackles road travel at up to 60kph in one range. For your nearest Fendt 1000 Series dealer tel: 1800 802 914.