Fendt releases new Vario to Australia

Fendt has released a new range of tractors with its 1000 Vario Series. The machines vary in size from 380-500 horsepower (HP) and are designed to be flexible additions to broadacre farmers’ machinery plant. Source: The Land

Donny Cloney, product manager for Fendt said the tractors could be used for operations requiring high horsepower such as sowing, along with other tasks such as spraying and baling.

Fendt has introduced the 12.4 litre, 6 cylinder MAN engine into the range which uses a mix of Adblue and exhaust recirculation to keep it clean and deliver maximum torque at low engine revs.

Coupled with the Vario transmission, the 1000 Series is capable of speeds of 40 km/h at 950 rpm. Maximum torque is achieved at 1100 rpm and is maintained to 1500 rpm.

Fendt has stuck with the trademark Vario system, albeit with some upgrades, including an industry first feature of being able to drive both axles independently.