Food statistics report released

The Australian Food Statistics publication, now in its 12th year, has been released and it provides an in-depth look at our food sector.

This edition compares major players in the world food retail market, looks at Australia’s position as a food exporter as global food demand grows, and profiles Australia’s growing olive oil industry.

Australia has a reputation for providing high-quality, safe and nutritious food, and we have a strong position as a food-producing nation, both locally and globally.

After a decade of drought and floods, it is great to see that many agricultural regions have experienced good seasonal conditions and healthy supplies of irrigation water.

As a result, the total value of our farm and fisheries food production increased by 3.4% to $42.6 billion in 2011–12. After a decade of significant increases, in 2011–12 Australian consumers were able to enjoy lower fruit and vegetable prices.

Over the same period, food exports increased by 12.3% to $30.5 billion, the highest they have been since 2001–02. With more than 50% of Australia’s food exports going to Asia in 2011–12, we are well on our way to taking advantage of increasing opportunities. Imports also increased this year to $11.3 billion, but we still managed a very strong food trade surplus of $19.2 billion, 14.6% higher than in 2010–11.

This ranks Australia 10th in terms of food trade surpluses worldwide. Our position continues to be strong and the Australian Government is playing its part to ensure Australia’s food future is bright. I expect to maintain and grow our sustainable, globally competitive and resilient food sector into the future.

The report is available for download at