Franklin reaps the benefit of adding solar drive to pumps

The FHOTON SolarPAK system utilises Franklin Electric’s proven solar technology modular design and makes maintenance simple

Franklin now distributes one of the most dynamic drive methods available for solar pumping. And many change over customers are thrilled with how it provides a quieter and clean energy method of moving and pumping water.

Known as the FHOTON SolarPAK, this system utilises Franklin’s proven solar technology with the latest FHOTON solar drive that comes in a small modular design.

This system has the backing of Franklin Electric, established in Australia in 1962 to support the water industry and since then the company has evolved from an electric motor supplier to a water systems supplier.

The modular design of the system also makes maintenance simple for contractors and it operates without a fan, filter or moving parts.

The system will operate with any three-phase AC induction motor and has been built with a long-life NEWA4-rated, anodised aluminium enclosure.

The entire solar package of panels, pump, motor and drive are backed by Franklin’s team of field service engineers, creating an easy way for contractors to provide ‘off-grid’ water pumping to their customers.

Franklin Electric also offers an extensive range of water pumps, submersible electric motors, variable speed drives, controls and protective devices.

Submersible bore pumps in cast iron are available from 101 through to 355mm (4 to 14-inches), in both 304 and 316 stainless steel. While submersible Electric Motors are offered in a power range from 0.37 to 400kW ((0.5 to 544hp).

There are horizontal centrifugal pumps for domestic pressure systems, along with Industrial and Irrigation pressure booster systems. Variable speed drives range from 1.1 to 400kW (1.5 to 544hp).

Other models highly sought after in the Franklin Electric range  are their vertical and horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, along with industrial and irrigation pressure booster systems.

Franklin Electric products and solutions are available from an extensive dealer

network that has been set-up across Australia for many years.

Check the Franklin Electric website for information or your nearest dealer depot or call 1300 FRANKLIN (1300 372 655).