French organisers optimistic Sommet de l’ELEVAGE 2021 livestock show will go ahead

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Scheduled for October 5th to 8th, this year’s event would mark the 30th anniversary of Sommet and will be the first time the show is to be held over 4 days
Held in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Sommet de l’Elevage is Europe’s largest livestock show and traditionally celebrates the Simmental and Aubrac cattle breeds

With French President, Emmanuel Macron, announcing that events and shows will be authorised to open from July, and with the European vaccination program in full swing, Sommet de l’Elevage organisers are confident they will be able to go ahead.

The 4-day event will include the inauguration of a new permanent 10,000 m² exhibition hall and the show will be fully digitalised for the first time.

Traditional highlights of the show are the National championships for the Aubrac and Simmental breeds, and the Sommets d’Or competition, which rewards the best technical innovations in agriculture.

 Sommet director Fabrice Berthon said, “A fourth day will allow for a larger spread of visitors over the fair duration. Like the new exhibition hall that will provide additional show space and allow the other interior buildings to be less dense. Visitor circulation in the aisles will be improved and social distancing made easier.

“With the digitalisation of the fair, we will encourage exhibitors and visitors alike, to pre-register on our website using our new application. This will also enable smoother visitor flow at the show entrances.”

For more information visit the show website at: