Funding for Country Roads

NSW Farmers’ welcomes the announcement by the NSW Government to allocate $42.85 million to improving council-owned freight infrastructure.

This funding falls under the Fixing Country Roads Program and provides the majority of funding available for local government road upgrades under the Coalition Governments Infrastructure Package.

NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant and Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay announced that the funding available would contribute to a large proportion of the 77 road projects on council-owned roads. Those councils that have successfully acquired funding for Fixing Country Road projects will receive funding through grants allocated by the Transport for NSW’s Freight and Regional Development Division.

NSW Farmers’ President Fiona Simson said the upgrade of local roads had significant implications for rural and regional communities from both a social and economic perspective.

“Rural and regional communities must travel long distances and they do this in an environment of low population densities with different transport requirements to their city counterparts,” Ms Simson said.

“It is imperative that the Coalition Governments spending on local roads is sufficient to ensure infrastructure capacity linked to industry needs.”

“We congratulate Minister Gay for standing up for farmers and rural communities in his recent announcement.”

Better Country Rail and Roads is a key State Election issue in the NSW Farmers StandUp4GFarmers campaign. NSW Farmers’ is seeking assurance from the Coalition Government that spending towards upgrading country roads will be adequately provided in an $6 billion dollar election request for Road and Rail Infrastructure.

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