GME XRS-660 handheld UHF CB radio is a must have for every farm hand

The XRS range of UHF CB radios was already the most popular for farms and with the release of the XRS-660 more functions have been added

GME has released the most advanced Australian Made XRS™ Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio the XRS-660 with the most extensive functions ever offered

Most farm operations were already pleased with the advantages of the GME range of handheld UHF CB radios offered, especially as a safety precaution by issuing a unit to remote workers.

That situation may have continued into infinity but with the release of the GME XRS-660, there are obvious reasons to update all farm workers to carry the new model for far wider-reaching connectivity.

With the release of the XRS-660 is does highlight the fact GME technicians are at the leading edge and at the worldwide forefront of innovations for handheld UHF CB radios.

Advancements incorporated within the XRS-660 are built exclusively on market-leading innovations GME has already included within its popular range of XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radios.

Clearly taking GME’s XRS-660 into the top-ranked UHF CB radio position are a litany of technical advancements that include a built-in GPS receiver armed with bluetooth® wireless technology, a 25% faster scan speed, with user-customisable buttons and a clear 2-watt speaker.

Easy to carry anywhere GME XRS-660 Connect handheld UHF CB radio can keep remote location workers in touch with base at all times

Along with the waterproof and dustproof casing comes class-leading display technology with easy user-upgradeable firmware. With everything covered by a 5-year warranty.

Advancements that in many instances have been prompted by the enormous task of

helping to keep remote workers safe within our big island continent where vast stretches of terrain has been proven to overcome any unprepared wanderers.

With an all-Australian design and manufactured locally, the XRS-660 offers several essential new functions that clearly demonstrate GME’s unwavering commitment to the development of ongoing technology for local UHF CB radio users.

GME’s XRS-660 is the first handheld UHF CB radio to incorporate a Colour TFT LCD screen. This addition provides the ultimate Handheld radio display for all environmental conditions, including hot and rugged terrain when especially forced to view in full sunlight – the XRS-660 has that covered.

In addition, Bluetooth® audio connectivity allows the XRS-660 to wirelessly connect to an extensive range of third-party audio accessories, with the advantage of providing users with additional and improved ways to stay connected.

With its built-in GPS functionality, it ensures the XRS-660 offers true location awareness without having to rely on a smartphone to provide GPS location data.

This capability is highly advantageous in full commercial applications where location tracking of users in remote areas is often required for workplace safety.

Built with rugged IP67 Ingress Protection and a MIL-STD810G rating, the XRS-660 is now the toughest and most advanced Handheld UHF CB Radio available. Made to ensure the user will remain connected, wherever the job takes them.

Download the smartphone app

While the safety aspects of the XRS-660 are fully self-contained there is also the advantage to download the GME XRS™ Connect app for Android and iOS with a number of additional functions exclusive to the XRS™ Connect range of radios.

The XRS™ Connect app allows users to easily manage settings, download firmware updates, create custom scan lists, and track the GPS location of other XRS™ users through the XRS™ Location Services technology.

Users are also able to send, receive and display a short text ‘status’ on the tail of transmissions, selecting from either pre-defined or user-defined statuses.

The XRS™ Connect app also features offline map caching, giving users the option to download and store detailed topographic maps – ensuring accurate map display in areas with no cellular coverage.

With the release of the most advanced Australian Made XRS™ Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio to date the XRS-660 with added connect functions is ideal to be carried by workers entering remote locations with full connect advantages

In addition, the XRS™ Connect Active Mute allows users to manually mute the radio when receiving a phone call to their mobile phone.

The XRS™ Connect App can detect incoming phone calls and automatically mute the XRS™ Connect radio for the duration of the call, ensuring uninterrupted conversations.

While another function, the XRS™ Connect Voice Playback enables users to record all voice transmissions received from other radios. A function that has more-or-less relegated missing transmissions to an issue of the past.

The XRS™ Connect Voice Playback function records and stores the first 30 seconds of each received transmission, with a total recording time of 12 minutes. Available in every XRS™ Connect model through the XRS™ Connect smartphone app.

For anyone spending long hours in remote locations while  working long distances from base the security of a GME XRS-660 Connect handheld UHF CB radio is vital

Australian made

Farm operations have put their faith in GME for over 50 years and during that time the company has become the most trusted local manufacturer of UHF CB radios for Australians.

With the support of local buyers spiralling GME into the top-ranked position, it has enabled the company to plough resources back into its product range.

As a result, GME operates from a purpose-built facility in Sydney NSW where its ongoing commitment and dedication to local manufacturing ensures the production of high-quality communications equipment all tailored to work in our harsh landscape.

The manufacturing and ensuring quality operation maintained by GME through the use of state-of-the-art technology and ongoing product development provides the vital operational efficiency found in GME’s full range of XRS™ Connect UHF CB radios. And with the further advantage of being designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.

For more information on the GME XRS-660 Connect handheld UHF CB radio see more here.

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Key Features
5/1/0.1 watt switchable transmission power
Rugged design, IP67 ingress protection
MIL-STD810G rating
Class-leading 2-watt Speaker
Transflective colour LCD display (TFT)
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology – Audio & Data
Built-in GPS receiver – location aware
XRS™ Connect – smartphone application
Scansuite™ – digital scanning technology
Multiple power-saving modes

In the box
5-watt handheld UHF CB radio (XRS-660)
2550mAh Li-Ion battery pack (BP030)
Rapid desktop charger (BCD026)
AC adaptor (PS005)
Belt clip (MB059)
Quick start guide

GME XRS-660 Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio

GME XRS-660 Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio – program and function keys