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Born and bred in regional Kyogle, NSW, Brandon Kook grew up working on the land. His early years were spent around the property, and later on with his father on the family harvesting and baling business. Source: AFDJ eNews

Last year, he decided that the baling side of the company needed specific attention, and so formed an offshoot business specialising in contract baling.

He took to the task like a fish in water, and has seen rapid growth in what was only a few months ago a ‘side offering’ from the family business.

He said he’s been doing it since he was 18 and it comes as second nature for him as reading the weather for a harvest. What wasn’t second nature for Brandon, however, was the red tape of starting a small business.

There was finalising the property, permits, stock and of course, equipment from Lely hay rakes to John Deere tractors, New Holland square balers to McHale wrappers, the total of the baling equipment came to over $72,600 – a loan that, for any ordinary 23-year-old with no financial history – would have been close to impossible to obtain.

After several failed attempts at getting the banks on board, the sentiment was clear, they were not interested. The traditional lenders couldn’t take it on. As Brandon points out – it wasn’t complicated at all: it was just complicated for the bank.

Luckily, a friend of Brandon’s mother (also a small business owner) recommended GoGetta for its unique, accessible equipment funding. She too was up and running with GoGetta’s help.

For Brandon, this was the break he was looking for – the first step to starting his own business.

“I was very excited, because it gave me the opportunity to purchase the stuff that I needed – the equipment. Without it, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing,” he said.

GoGetta has released an ebook equipment finance guide for agriculture businesses that includes expert insights and finance comparisons to help farmers choose the right type of equipment financing. The free finance guide is available to download at www.gogetta.com.au