Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser is armed for how the operator wants to work

Sporting a Weedetect camera spot spraying system this Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser allows the operator to see weeds in real time running and eradicate

Operators are drawn to the Crop Cruiser cabin with enough where mobile communication to make it a place where a business can be run and with the latest European styling and finishes inside a narrow profile four post frame with double skinned rear wall and extensive sound deadening and an uninterrupted view of the job at hand

Kyle Carson farms 100 kilometres north of Geraldton in the WA northern ag region with his wife and parents and recently made the decision to purchase a Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser with a 49.5m boom and a Weedetect camera spot spraying system.

Kyle was already well-informed on how the Goldacres sprayer with its mechanical drive system was highly efficient on fuel compared to hydrostat drive sprayers, so this information along with the option of Weedetect camera system helped determine the choice of sprayer for the Carson farms operation.

“Spraying on our property is a huge part of our program. We live in the sprayer, it’s pretty well your office at the end of the day,” Kyle explained.

“The Productivity of the sprayer is a game changer with the width of the boom at 49.5m but also being able to spot spray weeds. There’s a graph that the weed has to go through to get determined whether it’s a weed or not. And once determined, then obviously it gets sprayed.

“We’ve just started spraying green on green after doing a thousand hectares watching it spot spray radish in wheat. It’s probably something similar to watching it spray green on brown, to be honest; probably thinking about it before we went green on green; it was hard to imagine how it was going to work but the results we’re seeing and the savings are amazing,” Kyle added.

While most operators can work with the standard TriTech RivX boom in 36 and 42m widths there is an option to add a 48m TriTech V boom able to be set at three spray widths of 20m, 36m and 48m. Made with mild steel inner wings and aluminium mid outer wings and breakaway

The Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser can be offered with individual nozzle control – pwm, or section control. Kyle opted to go to individual nozzles, pulse width modulation (pwm) as the main use of the sprayer is for spot spraying and to maximise spraying efficiency.

This Carson farms G6 Crop Cruiser is also optioned with a lighting kit to spray at night time with green on brown. Particularly handy for spraying in a region where it can often be quite windy, night time spraying can provide another window of opportunity to get the spraying program done.

In the Cab the Weedetect system computer highlight the weed sensing, the operator can actually see the weeds in real time running through the cameras. While the raven controller takes care of the rate and the stability of the boom.

“I’d have to say I’ve never driven a boom spray that stays as level as the G6 Crop Cruiser. You can hit a depression in the middle of a paddock and it’s it doesn’t move, the machine itself can move around a lot but the wings just stay dead level,” Kyle added

The mechanical driveline system on the Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2 sets it apart from its hydrostatic drive competitors with benefits including lower maintenance costs and significant fuel reduction, and lower engine rpm from lower power requirements while providing more torque at the wheels

“When you kick back watching the nozzles pulsating, I reckon it’s great. Especially when it’s only spraying actual weeds, at 10% or whatever of chemical usage. You can sit back and when you look at your paddock, consider when you used to blanket spray what was I actually spraying.

“You know after using the Weedetect system, there was nothing where you sprayed and now with Weedetect you can actually chuck the footy on or whatever and let it do its thing. So yeah, it’s great.”

“It’s definitely a no brainer when it comes to thinking do I put cameras on my boom or not. Whether you’re cropping a thousand hectares or 10,000 hectares. I just think it’s a must.” concluded Kyle.

For more information on a Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2, or for cost-saving ground spraying using the Weedetect camera spot spraying system, check out the details on this link.

And for more detailed information on the Goldacres Weedetect camera spot spraying system see an online brochure on this link.

Goldacres G6 CropCruiser Series 2 Specs