GOLDACRES world class sprayers – how they lead the pack

Goldacres is the only local manufacturer that produces a full range of self-propelled sprayers and is now capable of exporting their models to world markets where their strong build will suit many specialist operations

Proudly Australian owned and operated, sprayer manufacturer Goldacres has signed up to use the Australian made logo on its range of Self-propelled and trailed sprayers, as well as its auxiliary product lines.

Goldacres tag line for many years has been: “Australia’s world-class sprayer” – and this emphasis is evident in Goldacres’ range of self-propelled sprayers.

Goldacres has worked to provide and achieve a design for operators who demand the very best in sprayer efficiency and comfort.

The current G Series self-propelled sprayers are an example of the high capacity, high clearance and high performance models Goldacres is able to offer large-scale dry land growers and specialist models for horticulture producers.

G Series sprayers have a distinct advantage in that they are fully designed, engineered and built in Australia using the qualified knowledge Goldacres engineers have mined over the past 40 years of operation in our very unique farming conditions.

Goldacres, through this period has always managed to built efficiency and performance into its models while taking care to balance power to weight ratios, for exceptional cost saving results.

It’s due to the credentials achieved with an industry-leading boom ride, unmatched fuel efficiency and the latest spray application technology that has placed Goldacres on the world stage, ready to compete with any other maker in its relevant sprayer field.

With tight conditions for some growers over the past two seasons, it is evident that more than ever before every dollar has to count.

Goldacres is prepared to work with its customers to evaluate their capital equipment purchases carefully, and to ensure that the return on investment is maximised.

With all the models and options currently available, the choice has never been greater, nor harder to make.

Look past the sticker price of the initial purchase, dig a little deeper into the substantial variations in sprayer design.

All these factors count, and this is where Goldacres has won over many new customers by clearly showing the points of difference that save money.

Take for instance ongoing operating costs. Goldacres has always made this a focus in its model design.

The Goldacres Crop Cruiser with its proven mechanical driveline system that sets it apart from its hydrostatic drive competitors is a prime example.

Goldacres has the knowledge and manufacturing expertise to build its sprayers in any current driveline mechanism.

Due to the numerous benefits with mechanical drive sprayers, Goldacres has chosen this system and is comfortable it is offering buyers the most  economical choice.

With mechanical drive there are fewer maintenance costs, less noise, significant fuel reduction, less heat generated, lower engine rpm, lower power requirements.

All this adds up to more torque at the wheels and much longer component life.

These factors all equate to substantially lower operating costs, with ongoing savings for the owner.

Reports back from operator’s confirm the Goldacres Crop Cruiser only uses a third of the fuel when compared to previous hydrostatic drive sprayers they have used in the same situation.

As far as a model choice for local growers and contractors there is a major variable that buyers also need to consider.

Australian spraying practices are substantially different from those in North America and many parts of Europe. Local operators need to run at higher spraying speeds, with lower water rates and generally have much harsher weather conditions to deal with.

Goldacres has developed their sprayer range to operate at maximum efficiency and reliability, primarily for these conditions.

Leading the roll call of Self-propelled models offered by Goldacres is the Super Cruiser.

This clean sheet design has drawn on all the proven elements from the Crop Cruiser range, with an 8000-litre main tank and 500-litre rinse tank.

The TriTech flat folding boom is available in 36, 42 and 48m widths. All booms are plumbed in 16 sections with a RapidFire/  Rapidflow single line with 500mm or 250mm nozzle spacing.

Running on a 3m axle track it can get across the ground quickly with its Cummins QSB 6.7-litre, 6-cylinder, Tier 3 emission engine offering 194kw (260hp).

In the cab there is a dual tilt telescopic steering column, and fully adjustable air suspension seat.

Following close by is the G6 Crop Cruiser, a high capacity, high clearance sprayer with a 6000-litre main tank and 500-litre rinse tank.

Power is provided through a Cummins 6-cylinder, Tier 3 emission engine peaking at 168kw (225hp). A TriTech flat folding boom is available in 30, 33, 36 and 42m widths.

The Goldacres G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayer is a versatile model known for its hard work and getting across ground quickly. The G Series offer the combination of being lightweight, with high strength construction.

It can be coupled with wide TriTech boom widths of 24, 28, 30, 33 and 36m, the G4 Series can deliver high outputs, with low inputs.

Power is gained from a Cummins QSB 4.5-litre engine with Tier 3 emissions, peaking at 119kw (160hp).

Goldacres offers the ultimate horticultural self-propelled sprayer. The light weight G4V Crop Cruiser is 4-wheel steer, 4-wheel drive model with a narrow track width.

The G4V is the most efficient spraying at typically lower speed ranges coupled with high capacity hydraulics to operate a large spray pump for high flow rates.

The G4V Crop Cruiser has a unique hydraulic and mechanical drive line system.

Using a single high capacity variable displacement hydraulic pump combined with a hydraulic motor coupled to a full mechanical transfer case, differentials and drop axles provide smooth infinite speed control.

Engine power is from a Cummins QSB 4.5-litre engine with Tier 3 emissions, peaking at 119kw (160hp).

Goldacres’ is also well represented with a range of trailing sprayer models – with the current flagship being the Prairie Pro.

The Prairie Pro design incorporates many elements from the transport and earthmoving industries to ensure maximum strength, longevity and performance.

Such as fully bushed pivot points, air ride suspension components and dampeners, to the best corrosion proof painting systems.

Fully welded in rotating positional jigs ensure accuracy, repeatability and quality.

Prairie Pro models offer main tank capacities from 5000 to 8500-litres. With TriTech boom widths from 24 to 48m.

Pasture and horticultural growers find their ideal selection from the Prairie Special trailing sprayer range. Built to a standard, not a price, available in two frame configurations.

The popular 1500-3000-litre capacity small frame models can be fitted with Delta 15, 18 21 and 24m booms. While the 4000-6500-litre capacity large frame models can run with Delta 18, 20, 21 and 24m booms.

Other popular models in the Goldacres trailing sprayer range include the Prairie Rowcrop. Spanning four main tank capacities from 1500 to 3000-litres across two different chassis frame sizes. Delta booms range in widths from 15 to 24m.

And for smaller operations the Prairie Compact incorporates many elements from the larger Goldacres range with tank capacities from 1000 to 2500-litres. A 10 or 12m boom can be fitted.

As well as a full range of broadacre, horticulture and pasture sprayers Goldacres also cater for contractor and home and garden markets with a range of smaller trailers, tray mount and three point linkage sprayers with around 65 models within the range.

Goldacres has all spraying needs covered, and now with the addition of the Australian made logo will give customers greater confidence in selecting a sprayer that is built locally, specifically for their spraying needs.

Goldacres has a nationwide dealer network for parts and service back up, what you would expect from a sprayer that is literally “built just down the road”.

Contact Goldacres sprayers for more model information on tel: 03 5342 6399, or go to to book a test drive.

Goldacres Prairie Special trailing sprayer are very popular with growers due to the strong build and wide model selection available in two frame configurations. The 1500-3000-litre capacity small frame models can be fitted with Delta 15, 18 and 21m booms. While the 4000-6500-litre capacity large frame models can run with Delta 18, 20, 21 and 24m booms
Goldacres Prairie Pro models are the current flagship for trailing sprayers with main tank capacities from 5000 to 8500-litres. And with TriTech boom widths from 24 to 48m

Wide boom selection

All Goldacres self-propelled and trailing sprayers can be fitted with the industry leading Delta (Prairie Special) and Tri-Tech (Crop Cruiser and Prairie Pro) 3-way suspended booms.

These booms offer 3-way suspension systems, that are contour following. This suspension system works in three ways; firstly it isolates the spray boom from the tanker/cab chassis allowing the boom to follow the contours of the paddock.

Contour following booms maintain an accurate spray boom height from the spray target. Delta and TriTech booms also offer yaw control suspension, which is the forward, and backwards movement of the spray boom.

Booms without yaw control constantly over and under apply as they move forward and backwards over the target.

The final piece of the three-way suspension system is the “boom pitch” – the up and down movement, again to maintain a consistent nozzle height from the target but also to protect the spray boom itself


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