Grizzly offers the power and the glory

Grizzly offer the now famous TINY range of robust disc ploughs with working depths of 228 to 457mm and cutting widths from 4.2 to 8.5m with all models folding down to a 3.5m transport width

Australia’s leading tandem offset disc manufacture, Grizzly Engineering continues to upgrade models to ensure its customers are getting what they require. The wholly Australian owned and operated family company is known for its continual investment in Research and Development.

Grizzly is continually listening and working with farmers to ensure the best possible cultivation equipment is available to meet current market requirements.

Grizzly’s best selling and most recognised model in the paddock is the Field Boss Folding Wing. It has been in the Grizzly range since 1999 and at the time of its release was the next generation of the S Series range, and has been the most sort after offset for heavy duty cultivation from 6.4 to12.2m wide ever since its debut.

The simplicity and robustness of the folding wing design allows the Field Boss to perform incredibly well is much varied conditions including land that is dry, irrigated, flat or undulating, hard or soft. The Field Boss gives optimal cultivation whenever you need it.

After listening to customers request for an increase in weight to the Field Boss, Grizzly has answered the call. There is now an option for the Folding Wing Field Boss to have a 12.5mm (up from the standard 9mm) frame on both the wing and centre frame.

This adds around 1000kg of weight and extra stability as well as a huge increase in the strength of the machine. There are various other upgrades that include improved pivots, wheel legs, pitch control and articulated pull tongues.

The other consideration for farmers and contractors that require a heavy-duty tandem offset that can handle the toughest cultivation projects is the TINY. This model continues to gain in popularity due to some key design attributes.

It is easy to use with its operator friendly design that also has the weight and strength to tackle the toughest cultivation requirements for a farmer or for use in a heavy-duty contracting program. The TINY range continues to grow with ever more options and sizes to suit every farm cultivation requirement.

There are four key model sizes in the TINY range, to cater for every heavy tillage operation.

Starting with TINY230, this is primarily for general cultivation in standard farming ground. It has 228mm (9-inch) disc spacing and comes with 711mm (28-inch) or 812mm (32-inch) discs and is ideal for general heavy cultivation for both dryland and irrigation applications. It is the most popular due to its versatility.

While the TINY290 jumps up to reclaim ground where suckers and rough country need to be worked out. It has 292mm (11.5-inch) disc spacing, comes standard with a 812mm (32-inch) disc but with the ability to take up to a 914mm (36-inch) disc. With a huge weight per disc, it is great for claiming new ground as well as working existing ground.

TINY390 can be used in both sucker re-growth and rough ground to get a maximum working depth as well used for deep tillage in sand. It offers 381mm (15-inch) disc spacing with a 914mm (36-inch) disc for where maximum depth is of prime importance. This model has high disc clearance for maximum weight per disc.

Where clay needs to be mixed with non-wetting sands there is the TINY460. It is the biggest and heaviest of them all. It has 106cm (42-in) discs and can be set for deep work in either sandy or heavily timbered ground. It has 457mm (18-inch) disc spacing and offers maximum weight and maximum clearance to achieve a consistent working depth where mixing soils is of prime importance.

Grizzly staff or local dealers can help you out with any questions you have and for more details on the TINY range. Call on Tel: 03 5032 9155, or email for more information.