Hardi GEOSELECT has been launched and it changes everything you know about spraying

With the trend to saving thousands of dollars by selective spraying Hardi GEOSELECT is offering an approach that claims to reduce chemical bills by 90%

This Hardi Rubicon 9000 was armed with GEOSELECT – it gathered information from a drone prior to feeding high resolution imagery into an onboard monitor to develop a clear record of every weed in the paddock

Hardi has taken everything you have been taught about spraying, thrown it out the window and replaced it with something that has the potential to reduce chemical bills by 90%.

Now that we have your attention – cutting your chemical bill to just 10% of your current spend. If you are about to jump in your sprayer and get out there and selective spray weeds, stop right now. That’s not how it’s done anymore.

First up, there is pre-scanning and programming, before you can be as precise as GEOSELECT will make spraying in the future.

With Hardi GEOSELECT it starts in the sky by launching a drone that identifies every weed across the paddock with a number, you can even name them if you want, but I wouldn’t bother as they won’t be around for long.

From the information gathered, the spray strategy is formed and every weed is marked and all spray directives are made even before you step foot into the sprayer.

And it’s at this compilation strategy stage where Hardi believes it has the advantage to race away from its competitors.

By the time you get into the sprayer cab, there are no cameras involved, and no complex calibration is required for GEOSELECT to give targeted effective chemical application.

Hardi claims that every weed picked up by this process is hit with centimetre accuracy.

The completed process is backed by a record of placement through GPS positioning and time stamped metrics to ensure that every weed sprayed has been recorded.

GEOSELECT is so intuitive that it actually recommends some run lines be skipped due to no weed content, and will suggest speeding up over weedless ground until the next weed on the hit list is in position. And likewise slow down for heavy weed infestation areas.

First of all – GEOSELECT sent a drone to the heavens for answers – here it was revealed a marker for every weed in the paddock

How Hardi GEOSELECT works

With GEOSELECT it allows spraying only where required, this relates to herbicide use and associated labour, maintenance and wastage expenditure reduced up to 90% in certain conditions.

It’s the pre-scanned data gives GEOSELECT the edge.

From the GEOSELECT weed management monitor, the operator knows exactly how much chemical to mix, what rows to skip and where to slow down to get the best efficiency from the chemical application. All these calculations are taken from the drone information and it has happened even before the operator starts the engine.

With multiple, light-weight GNSS antennas mounted along the boom, precision accuracy can be maintained and real-time data collected.

By using pre-programed geolocation data it means no cameras are required – avoiding additional costs and strain on the boom from excessive equipment.

GEOSELECT is so intuitive that it can convey instructions to the operator such as slowing down for high infestations of weed or speeding up in sparse weed conditions

Accuracy of application is retained even at standard speeds of 25 to 30kph, as well as at night. GEOSELECT automatically adjusts for boom deflection and changes in ambient conditions, making it robust and accurate in any spraying environment.

Hardi has released GEOSELECT for the first time. For more details and availability contact Hardi Australia on Tel: 08 8343 9999, email: info@hardi-aus.com or see more at: www.hardi.com.au

All scanned information can be accessed through the GEOSELECT interface that uses real-time metrics to make strategic adjustments to the target droplet size via the in-cab to better suit all spray conditions

Hardi GEOSELECT in action

Hardi Australia revealed GEOSELECT for the first time at an exclusive launch in Cavan SA in mid July 2021 where it was shown how GEOSELECT works with H-SELECT to precisely co-ordinate four different nozzles at each nozzle body, 1 to spot spray and 3 others rapidly switch between nozzle combinations to maintain the required dose set point right across a wide, turning boom achieving a dosage accuracy of 90% or more over the paddock to reduce chemical usage.

Using real-time metrics make strategic adjustments to the target droplet size via the in-cab to better suit environmental conditions. GeoSelect will make high level recommendations to ensure that you have all the information to achieve optimum efficacy and chemical savings.

Take a look at the action video: