Have your say on Commonwealth fisheries policies view the consultation paper

The Australian Government has opened public consultation on the effectiveness of two key policies behind the management of Commonwealth fisheries.

​The Commonwealth Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy and the Commonwealth Fisheries Bycatch Policy set the standards for sustainable harvesting of our fisheries resources to maximise benefits to the Australian community.

​Assistant Secretary for Fisheries George Day encouraged stakeholders to provide their views on whether the policies remain fit-for-purpose.

​”It’s important that these policies maintain target and bycatch stocks at sustainable levels, maximise economic returns to the Australian community, and minimise impacts on the marine ecosystem, all in the context of increasingly needing to adapt to a changing climate” George Day added.

​”I invite members of the fishing industry, marine conservation NGOs, recreational fishers, fisheries and marine scientists and researchers, First Nations fishers and sea country Traditional Owners and the general public to have their say on how Australia’s fishing resources and marine environment are managed.

​”Feedback received will help us to understand where changes may be required,” George Day concluded.

​To have your say and to view the consultation paper, visit: https://haveyoursay.agriculture.gov.au/fisheries-policy-reviews.

Fast facts

  • The Commonwealth Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy and the Commonwealth Fisheries Bycatch Policy were last updated in 2018 and are both subject to 5-yearly reviews.
  • The Harvest Strategy Policy provides a framework for the sustainable and profitable management of Commonwealth fisheries through the implementation of fishery-specific harvest strategies.
  • All fisheries managed by the Australian government are subject to a harvest strategy, which sets catch limits and other rules for individual fish stocks in pursuit of economic and sustainability objectives.
  • The Bycatch Policy aims to minimise bycatch in commercial fishing. Bycatch is the incidental catch by commercial fishers of species that aren’t sold including finfish and other wildlife such as birds, mammals, and reptiles.

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