Haymate offers high capacity feed out carts for round or square bales

This line of bale feeders from Haymate Australia can be handled by just one person from start to finish

Two Haymate models can be Ute drawn the R4000 and SR5400 work off independent hydraulics and are designed for a one-person operation using a wireless remote that you can control from the cab of your vehicle

Haymate Australia has developed a line of heavy-duty hay feed out carts that can be Ute or tractor drawn with the capacity to hold four round bales or five square bales.

Local customers in the Tatiara District of SA and surrounds kept the company busy manufacturing, until a recent production line expansion. Now models have been sold in Victoria and New South Wales, with other states now placing orders.

This locally manufactured line is unique in its ability to be handled by just one operator.

Haymate offers two heavy-duty Ute drawn models, the R4000 and SR5400 that are designed for a one-person operation using a wireless remote that is controlled from the safety of the vehicle. Both models work off independent hydraulics that are petrol motor-driven.

They have a load share suspension and can be fitted with Bluetooth electric brakes.

If it’s bulk feeding with big round or square bales Haymate has both the volume and speed many operators are looking for including the TR4000 shown here

The tractor drawn models in the range are the TR4000 and TSR5400. These models use tractor hydraulics to power the operation and are also a one-person operation.

All Haymate models can hold up to four round bales or five square bales of either silage or straw and include high-density bales of up to 900kg. The feed-out cart is designed for road travel and sports electric brakes and rear indicators. The units have a fold-in transport width of 2.7m.

Once the feed-out operation starts the conveyor moves the bales forward onto a height adjustable lifting table that also serves to regulate the feed-out rate with auger teeth that also break up the bales. This all operates at two speeds, with low speed running at around a minute for each bale, while high speed can handle a bale every 30 seconds.

Haymate customers have said their model has been able to cut feed-out times by up to half, and that’s a big saving on labour costs. Operators are also finding they are minimising waste as the hay is fed out more efficiently and you don’t have big clumps of hay falling off with this system.

The Haymate system works to keep the feed clean with a feed out designed to prevent livestock from walking over and soiling the hay and gives all stock a chance to achieve higher growth rates in some instances

As a result, livestock are not walking over and soiling the hay and because of the neat feed-out don’t have to fight for food. Achieved higher growth rates in some instances and in turn gave higher returns.

Some of the feedback operators are continuing to echo to Haymate, is the system is so safe and simple to use. Operators don’t have to risk injuries and on-farm accidents by having to stand on their Ute or trailer to push hay off manually. And also, not risk getting caught while climbing up and down. Haymate has proven it’s safe and easy to use by just about anyone.

All Haymate models are designed and manufactured locally in Keith SA and have the advantage of being built to order with multiple upgrades to suit unique on-farm applications.

These Haymate models have become highly popular following nominations for numerous field days awards including “Machine of the Year”, “Australian Machine of the Year”, “New Innovation” and at the Elmore and District Field Days where they won the “Country News Australia Machine of the Year 2023.”

To find out more about Haymate feed-out carts, contact Haymate Australia on mobile 0407 603 309 or see more online here.

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