Honda Talon 1000R Sports SXS bursts into Oz

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The 4-plus link suspension geometry on the rear of the Talon 1000R is what allows it to manage high-speeds in rough conditions

It has been confirmed the high-powered break-neck speed Honda Talon 1000R Sports SXS off-road vehicle will be available in Australia from mid-2019.

The Talon 1000R is in essence a Sports SXS designed to run at high death-defying speeds over open terrain and is boosted with a host of technical upgrades.

You will need to buckle in to this 2-seater model, and hold-on. The Talon is seen as pushing the performance envelope of what is possible in a production Sport side-by-side.

It is designed to be the master of bump absorption and high-speed tracking. It gets its power from a 999cc parallel-twin engine that sits inside a one-piece frame. There is a double-wishbone front-suspension layout and a 4+ link rear configuration.

The shocks are Fox Podium QS3 units that have 449 and 510mm of front and rear suspension travel, respectively. The combination is purpose built to handle high-speed, rough conditions.

There are some big inclusions inside the cab of the Talon with high-back fully bolstered seating with all important buttons and levers within easy reach along with tilt steering

The Talon has a 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with high-low sub-transmission and automatic and manual modes. There is Ignition Feedback Control for fast gear changes and on-the-fly changing between 2WD and 4WD through a dash-mounted switch that operates at any engine speed.

The cab is fitted with high-back fully bolstered seating that the driver can easily adjust while all information dials such as buttons and levers are well within reach. Add to this tilt steering and there is even a passenger handhold.