IB release a range of crates and bins you have always wanted

IB International release one of the most comprehensive range of crates, bins and heavy-duty pallets now available for the rural industry

If you want to stock what your customers will love, see this quality plastic storage range that is hard to find. Your customers will smile about IB Pallets’ range of crates and bins.

The largest most competitive range of high quality, high durability storage crates in the country. Bins for feed, rugs, recycling,storage, waste and more. Crates for picking and processing, superstrong crates for just about any job.

Vented, solid and folding crates for fruit and veg and don’t forget 4×4 and camping storage for when you just want to get away from it all. Everyone who walks into your shop will just love them.

“We’ve been looking after the irrigation industry for many years”, said Ian Baines, Director of IB International Pty Ltd. “Now our plastics division, ibpallets.com, complements our long standing work in the agricultural and mining industries in Australia. We are committed to recycling and even offer recycling certificates through our recycling division that operates out of Brisbane.”

IB International is committed to distributing products that will go the distance. Their range of plastic crates can be cleaned and reused time and time again. Enquire today about stocking the IB range or to find out where to buy across the country. Check out the website for a comprehensive list of products, www.ibpallets.com

“We are happy to offer plastic crates and bins through our network of dealers around the country who can all benefit from these additional lines.”

Some lines offered include the ‘Enduro’ range featuring ‘Indestructo’ crates; ‘Honeycomb’ crates that all contain reinforced sides, and the ‘Crocteeth’ range with a hinged lid for ease and security.

The IB range of bins include short bins, 240-litre wheelies, clear recycling bins, and small double bucket recycling bins that are great across a number of applications. Folding pallet crates are also available.

If any farmers, traders or individuals require goods themselves please
contact IB International via the website, drop an email to info@ibinternational.com.au requesting a link to the latest catalogue, or give them a call on 1300 160 626.