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Here are the best buy deals to get you started. But be quick as once current floor stock is sold, the deals end.

Anderson Stackpro Square bale collector stacker; Two models available now for immediate delivery and at the 2021 price prior to the 2022 increase – grab this deal now

Anderson Stackpro square bale self-loading trailers are designed and built to give you faster loading with a high capacity for each load and all the while saving time with this one-person operation of collecting and stacking

The Stackpro self-loading square bale collecting and stacking system is ideal for farmers who want to save time when it comes to handling their bales, all year round.

This innovative fully automated loading system was designed by the Anderson Group and they have been manufacturing hay handling and storage equipment since 1988.

In 2005 Anderson’s made a breakthrough when they developed a self-loading bale carrier for round bales. This allowed one-person and one tractor can load and haul up to 20 bales at a time.

Producers were asking for the same thing for their square bales, so Anderson’s obliged and designed the Stackpro, a trailer that self-loads and allows the collection and stacking of square bales vertically

The Stackpro was a big hit with hay producers worldwide for its rugged design and its ability to handle square bales of types and sizes.

The Stackpro can also keep track the number of bales in each paddock, ideal for contractors keeping an accurate count. While the fully electronic control panel, weighs bales and total load, with a bale weighing system + -2.5% margin of error.

And what operators like most of all, is the Stackpro‘s high speed and smooth transitions, this makes it much easier than other models they ran to carry and stack bales in far less time.

The Stackpro series is equipped with a colour touch screen that allows the operator to run the operation easily. While the loading cycle of the Stackpro is fully automated.

All Stackpro trailers are equipped with their own hydraulic system, independent of the tractor. This ensures the performance, regardless of the model of the tractor towing the trailer.

The Stackpro series offers two models, the 5400 and 7200, both are built on a trailer-based design and what sets them apart in the marketplace is their robust build that allows them to endure more extreme.

The only difference between the two models is the number of bales you can carry.

Stackpro 5400

The Stackpro 5400 is slightly smaller, and works well for medium operations where an lower overall lower cost to run is important, resulting in a lower cost to feed.

The Stackpro 5400 self-loading trailer can handle square bales up to 120cm x 130cm x 240cm and runs off two double hydraulic outlets.

Transport capacity of the 5400 depends on bale size but as a general guide is from 8 to 18 bales each load, while tractor pto power of 110kW (150hp) is recommended.

Grab this model now at the prior to increase price, for immediate delivery at $195,900 + GST

Stackpro 720050 HP

For operations where everything needs to be moved fast and efficient, this is where the Stockpro 7200 comes in.

With their high speed and smooth transmission, and extra dimension of productivity is achieved by these trailers as they save time and also on operator hours.

The Stackpro 5400 self-loading trailer can handle square bales up to 120cm x 130cm x 240cm and runs off two double hydraulic outlets.

Transport capacity of the 7200 jumps up to an eyewatering 12 to 27 bales each load, while tractor pto power of 129kW (175hp) is recommended.

For the added capacity the Stackpro 7200 provides, it is great value at prior to increase price, and for immediate delivery at $223,900 + GST.

To secure either one of these models, talk to Joe Mancini now on mobile: 0419 241 317, 03 5722 2343 or email:

Get the hay rake you always wanted – strong and locally made for our unique conditions – in stock now for immediate delivery and at a great price

With an expanded factory run, Schinckel has the best buys this season on new hay rakes and a point worth noting is that they are all Australian made and proven over the past three decades as the best rakes available.

It is accepted that the Schinckel Series V-Rakes are well ahead in its design, and impresses all operators with its simplicity and ease of operation.

Schinckel Hayrakes is in the unique position to be able to offer some select models for delivery now. First to call will be able to secure one of these special models, and at a price that is a bargain for such quality and performance.

8 Reel Opener Series – from $27,150.00 + GST

With the Schinckel Opener rake it allows growers to get the crop off the ground quicker and at better quality. It is mounted to the front of the tractor and is a model that has simplified hay raking while improving the crop quality.

When used in combination with any type of rear rake (V, Rotary or Roller bar) the front-mounted rake pushes the crop away from the path of the tractor as the rear rake regathers it together into a single row.

See the video link showing the Schinckel 8 reel Opener series in action on this link.

14 Reel Low Profile V Farm Series from $26,950.00 + GST

Built strong to last, this 14 Reel Low Profile V Farm Series rake will cover 6m in every pass and moves around the paddock quickly at only a 1700kg working weight.

16 and 18 Reel V Rakes from $31,050.00 +GST

These current models 16 and 18 Reel V rakes are ready to be thrown into heavy raking duty. Operators can quickly cover a 9 and 10m working width and in heavy conditions with these two models respectively.

For more specialist operations these models can be upgraded with rear steering, have 2 Reel Splitters either Hydraulic or Manual added, be equipped with dual castors and windshields. These models are well proven and built to withstand knocks at a 2500 and 2800kg working weight respectively.

15 Reel In line Hayrake from $31,000.00 + GST

This rake simply has everything you will need with a working width of 7.4m (24.6ft). In addition, there is hydraulic lift and hydraulic rear steering as standard.

Built to move across the paddock quickly at a working weight of 1700kg. See the video link here showing the Schinckel In-Line rake in action. These models are available for immediate delivery and will not last.

For an immediate delivery request, please call Simon Schinckel on 0428 838 524.

Kivi-Pekka rock picker offers a special flotation tyre upgrade worth a $6,375 discount

You won’t ever see this deal again, and its over once this batch of stock is sold out.

The Kivi-Pekka rock picker out of Finland is now available in our local market and carries one of the best deals available to take advantage of the Instant Asset Tax write-off scheme.

Choose from a 5, 6 or 7 metre model while current stock of these models lasts and you will get a $6,375 discount off a flotation tyre upgrade.

With just one tractor and one operator, work time is cut in half as the Kivi-Pekka is able to line-up and rake the rocks and pick up at the same time in just one-run down the paddock.

With the stone pickers available in three working widths: 5m (17ft), 6m (20ft) and 7m (23ft) you can choose a model according to its planned usage rate and density of stone in the soil.

The current models available are not subject to the upcoming price increase due to popularity of the models worldwide, and consequential production shortages.

To take advantage of this special offer on a 5, 6 or 7 metre Kivi-Pekka model before the end of June 2021, and you will get a $6,375 discount off a flotation tyre upgrade.

If you need a rock picker now or in the future, this offer is too good to miss.

Call Ben Nichols on mobile: 0428 694 339 to organise a model in any state, or by email to:, or talk to Jono Moss for a model in WA/SA on 0488 336 949, or email:

See more details on the Kivi-Pekka model and special deal at: Kivi-Pekka $6,375 discount

Buy the most substantial track tractor ever built – John Deere 9RX 640

John Deere 9 Series tractors can be ordered now, with early orders already placed slated for delivery in the second part of 2021

You will be hard pressed to find a better track model than John Deere’s 9RX 640 that offers engine power of 471kW (640hp), the industry’s highest power level for a four-track tractor.

And many buyers already see this model as the current pick of high power track models moving forward.

It gets its power from a bewildering strength Cummins 15-litre engine, that also offers an additional 15kW (20hp) over their replacement models.

Multiple track widths and tread spacings will allow a match for any type of work operation, arming these tractors for either row-crop or broadacre applications.

Four-post cab suspension is standard and dampens pitch and roll, isolating the cab from shocks.

Be surprised at the comfort level while working in the paddock and ride quality while on the road.

John Deere pushes the line that this four-track 9RX model offer the comfort and manoeuvrability of a wheel tractor, coupled with the pulling performance and flotation of a track tractor.

To accommodate the added power and ballast of this articulated 9 Series tractor, several undercarriage, axle, and front-frame components have been strengthened and improved.

This has increased the weight of the tractor and the maximum available ballast from 27.2 to 30.3 tonnes to be able to put the enhanced power of the updated lineup to the ground.

Add to that combination a Generation 4 Command Center display, AutoTrac guidance and free access to the John Deere Operations Center, to help growers harness the value of precision agriculture and data to transform their operations.

To secure delivery of a John Deere 9RX 640, see your local John Deere dealer here.

Hardi Rubicon or Saritor – order now

We have just been informed a limited number of Hardi Rubicon and Saritor models will be built and available for a guaranteed delivery before the end of 2021.

But you will need to act quickly.

Designed to meet the productivity demands of large-scale farmers the Hardi Rubicon is selling quickly, with tank capacity of 6500 or 9000 litres and a boom width at an industry-leading 48.5m.

These two features combine to deliver hectare-eating performance to conquer everyday spraying tasks with ease.

Hardi says the tank capacity of the Rubicon 9000 takes efficiency and productivity to a whole extra level. Increased tank capacity not only improves productivity, but the timeliness of spray applications as well.

Time and timing can both be critical factors for spraying, especially on large paddocks. The Rubicon capacity reduces travelling and filling down-time, so operators can keep spraying and finish sooner.

Hardi estimates the 48.5m Paragon AL boom represents a 35% increase in work rate over a comparable 36m boom. 

In addition, boom height management, including AutoHeight and Auto Terrain, keeps spray nozzles at their optimum spray height across the full width of the boom and a wider range of operating conditions.

Working together, Hardi says its these functions that allow the Rubicon to spray at speeds up to 35kph and achieve a work rate of 170 hectares/hr – meaning covering over 1,000 hectares per day is an achievable goal.

Choose from one of these configurations.

A Hardi RUBICON with a 6500 or 9000-litre capacity product tank. Armed with a 36.5m to 48.5m boom width.

A Hardi SARITOR 62 Active with a 620-litre capacity product tank. Couples with either a 36.5m or 48.5m boom width. Both models are compatible with H-Select spray technology. Check on model availability now on tel: 1300 042 734, or see your nearest dealer here.

TGB quad bikes come to the rescue with a range of safety compliant models

The safety build for quad bikes changes on 11 October 2021, legislation was passed by Federal parliament so it is the real thing, don’t try and mess with it.

If you buy a quad now that doesn’t comply with the new safety legislation after 11 October, you will run the real risk of not getting insurance on your superseded model.

Any accident that occurs will be at your own expense.

However, you can still buy a safety compliant model before the 30 June 2021, as long as it’s a TGB, with an Operator protection device (OPD) fitted, and qualify for the full purchase price back on your tax, if it’s used for business purposes.

Quad bikes in the TGB range are fitted with operator protection devices that safety experts say will save lives going forward

TGB has revealed the first of four new models for 2021 with the Blade 520, Blade 520 EPS, Blade 600SE and Blade 600SE-X EPS that are available now

All four share high-end features like a solid chassis, front and rear independent suspension, an automatic CVT transmission with selectable 2WD/4WD and a front differential lock.

Plus, a comprehensive digital instrument gauge and sturdy steel front and rear racks.

TGB customers have a choice to install an OPD prior to the legislative safety requirement date of October 11th 2021, and still claim the Instant Tax Write-off.

Contact TGB distributor Argo All Terrain Vehicles direct to find your local dealer on toll free: 1300 731 082 or mobile: 0418 749 159.

The full range of models and accessories can be seen at: