Winter harvest upgrades and the specials you can’t miss are listed here

Grab the model you always wanted while stock last from this list of qualified suppliers.

Here are the best buy deals to make sure your winter harvest is highly successful. But be quick as once current floor stock is sold, the deals end.

Install a Redekop seed control unit (SCU) this harvest and kill 98% of all weed seed with no change to the way you go about your normal harvest routine

John Deere engineers were among the first to recognise the benefits of installingRedekop’s Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) Straw Chopper combined with the Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU) as a breakthrough in harvest weed seed control

The Redekop seed control unit (SCU) is leading the world toward an efficient and effective way to kill weed seeds at the time that you harvest.

The objective is to eliminate 98% of all weed seed at harvest with an integrated Redekop SCU into your harvester that uses very little power and saves on time and energy chasing down unwanted weeds springing up later.

The Redekp SCU unit fits snugly into many current harvesters and the company has partnered with John Deere dealers for integration and retrofitting into S780 and S790 combines this season and is also offering the complete MAV Strawchopper and integrated SCU system for most S600 and S700 series combines.

Case IH combine owners are moving quickly to order a full Redekop MAV-SCU system that provides the ability to chop, mill and windrow, all with wide residue distribution across the whole cutting width and is easy and safe to install into any combine drive and display system

To show the high value placed on installing a Redekop SCU, Case IH, CLAAS and New Holland dealers are offering their flagship models with a full Redekop MAV-SCU system that can chop, mill and windrow all in the same pass while harvesting.

Read the full story here on what you can expect by fitting a Redekop SCU, Redekop has developed the world’s best SCU for eradicating weed seed.

Redekop is offering a 12-month warranty on the SCU and a 2-year Mill Life Guarantee for all 2023 units fitted prior to harvest.

The rush is already on to have a Redekop fitted in time for the winter 2023-24 harvest, so you need to act now to secure a fitting.

Contact local Redekop experts Marney Strachan on 0419 912903, or by email:  Or Neale Heinrich direct on 0418 823627, or by email: for the location of your nearest Redekop dealer.

4Farmers has made the first inroad to supplying quality herbicide and pesticides at fairer prices for growers and is now expanding its operation into more eastern state locations

Australian owned company 4Farmers is on a drive to appoint more supply outlets and expand their operation into more eastern cropping regions to lower farm chemical costs

4Farmers made an immediate impact when it was established to supply farmers in WA with the best value agricultural chemicals at a much fairer price than previously on offer.

Farmers in WA have been enjoying the benefits of buying 4Farmers herbicides, pesticides and adjuvants and that same access is now becoming available in more eastern states as 4Farmers is about to open more distribution outlets.

With eastern state distribution centres in place, it will be a simple process of opening an account directly with 4Farmers, nominate your local distributor, and request a delivery.

With the efforts of 4Farmers to provide lower-cost chemicals, growers will be able to adopt a whole new range of crop protection strategies that previously may have been too costly to contemplate.

4Farmers customers Denis Palm from Mukinbudin WA can often save money by switching to an alternative chemical supplied by 4Farmers

Now armed with a broad product range and a widerspread distribution network of local agents, backed up with an effective and flexible management team, 4Farmers is well equipped to get the right product to the right place when it’s required.

With established distribution locations throughout regions of WA, SA and more recently in Victoria, an expansion into New South Wales and Queensland will see 4Farmers offering the best value farm chemicals Australia-wide.

Witnessing the expansion of 4Farmers is an inspiration, read more about their drive for lower priced farm chemicals on this link, 4Farmers sell Farm Chemicals at the right price.

Make the switch to a 100% Aussie owned chemical supplier, as 4Farmers welcomes all the new customers from the eastern states they will be working with this season.

Contact 4Farmers Australia about your farm chemical requirements with a Freecall on 1800 038 445, by email: or by fax: +61 (8) 9356 3447. See the full product range available at 4farmers

This latest release Anderson IFX720 Farm King Combo In-line bale wrapper is the fastest model available and will speed up any operation and is currently in stock

An Anderson fully automatic IFX720 Farm King Combo model fitted with remote stop start and steer and some very handy options such as a final bale extractor is available now for delivery

Any large-scale bale farming operation or bale contractors will appreciate the time saving performance this Anderson IFX720 Farm King Combo one-person operation inline wrapper offers.

When ordered in fully automatic spec it means it only requires one operator to load and control the wrapping process, and local distributor Burder Ag Attachments has a special on the IFX720 Farm King Combo at just $74,990 plus gst for current on-floor stock.

The IFX720 Farm King Combo gets its design from the heavily tested and proven NWX660, so you can rely on it to take on some big tasks.

With its large hoop design the IFX720 as it capable of wrapping 1.8m (6ft) round bales. In addition, this model is fitted with a pusher that works faster than previously, allowing the operator to wrap more bales per minute.

A fully automatic remote that can be operated from the tractor cab comes with the fully automatic IFX720 Farm King Combo model for remote stop start and steer and some very handy options such as a final bale extractor

The IFX720 is fitted with Anderson’s unique final bale extractor system for quick and easy bale management, while it is estimated this model wrapping single round bales offers up to 50% savings on plastic usage.

The Xtractor itself can push bales off in less than 1 minute at the touch of a lever. And in general, these Anderson in-line models are easy to operate with an hydraulic jack on hand that makes it easy to level the wrapper bed when starting a row.

And as for the unit itself, being fitted with dual powered wheels and traction tyres allows this 5.18m (17ft) in length by 2.99m (9.10ft) in width unit to be quick and easy to move around.

With a Honda 10kW (13hp) motor on board the Anderson IFX720 Farm King Combo can wrap round bales up to 1.8m (6ft) in diameter and up to 1.5m (5ft) in length.

Read more about the Anderson IFX720 Farm King Combo on this link. Burder Ag offers the chance to secure an Anderson IFX720 In-line bale wrapper

To secure an Anderson IFX720 Farm King Combo, find your nearest dealer on this link, or by talking to Joe Mancini now on mobile: 0419 241 317, 03 5722 2343 or email:

W&P Pumps offers a complete design and installation program to ensure you have the right pump and piping and will back that up with 24/7/365 days of professional on call service and repair

W&P Pumps was a small family business founded by Wayne Surplice in 1986 but is now a major installer of extensive pipeline operations with a team that is able to design any application and supply all material including certification tracking the work from raw material level to the final flow check-off

W&P Pumps has grown its customer base to a point where the business needs 25-plus full-time staff to handle all their installations and on-call services and repairs.

And company is currently appointing more resellers to increase its reach into new areas where it is also offering spray irrigation product ranges not available previously.

Company founder Wayne Surplice has over 35 years of industry experience and says during that time installations have changed considerably and farmers that haven’t upgraded in a number of years will be pleasantly surprised to find the latest systems are more automated.

Further changes made possible with the latest product releases sees a move to more dependable polyethylene pipes that cuts costs and also helps to make management more efficient by using less water.

W&P has the experience to move farmers away from high usage channel irrigation to much more efficient set-ups where the water is instantly available by turning on a pump and getting the water immediately to where it is needed.

In addition to standard pumping and piping installation, W&P are now offering a full design service for irrigators that run pivots and want to install or upgrade drip irrigation systems.

And while Wayne Surplice says they are still the experts in flood irrigation, any farmer that wants to shift to spray irrigation will find the company offers the latest product releases available.

W&P Pumps supplies a full complement of products to cover every brand and application of pivot or lateral irrigator regardless of brand. The W&P Pumps team is on standby 24 hours across seven days a week to fix any problems associated with breakdowns on any pumps and controllers

With the ability to supply a custom-built design to farmers has increased the W&P reach to new customers exponentially as getting the right equipment for the task is the very starting point and the way that Wayne Surplice and his team gains extra business.

Customer satisfaction is the way W&P has managed to increase their operation each year, and it all starts with making sure the right equipment from pumps, piping and sprinklers are all ideal for the result the farmer expects.

This focus on product reliability also relates to ongoing customer service and being able to supply spare parts quickly. In addition, the W&P dealer network offer a 7-days a week, 24-hour breakdown service along with the understanding the customer has to keep their job moving.

W&P Pumps carries pretty much every part in stock for its complete range of pumps including engine parts, pipes and filtration systems.

Read more about W&P Pumps on this link: W&P Pumps offers the best industry product range backed by 24/7 service

For the service you deserve from your next pumping and irrigation application, contact W&P Pumps today on 03 5853 2653, email: or see the full product range on the W&P website on this link.

Hardi Rubicon or Saritor – order now

We have just been informed a limited number of Hardi Rubicon and Saritor models will be built and available for a guaranteed delivery before the end of 2022.

But you will need to act quickly.

Designed to meet the productivity demands of large-scale farmers the Hardi Rubicon is selling quickly, with tank capacity of 6500 or 9000 litres and a boom width at an industry-leading 48.5m.

These two features combine to deliver hectare-eating performance to conquer everyday spraying tasks with ease.

Hardi says the tank capacity of the Rubicon 9000 takes efficiency and productivity to a whole extra level. Increased tank capacity not only improves productivity, but the timeliness of spray applications as well.

Time and timing can both be critical factors for spraying, especially on large paddocks. The Rubicon capacity reduces travelling and filling down-time, so operators can keep spraying and finish sooner.

Hardi estimates the 48.5m Paragon AL boom represents a 35% increase in work rate over a comparable 36m boom. 

In addition, boom height management, including AutoHeight and Auto Terrain, keeps spray nozzles at their optimum spray height across the full width of the boom and a wider range of operating conditions.

Working together, Hardi says its these functions that allow the Rubicon to spray at speeds up to 35kph and achieve a work rate of 170 hectares/hr – meaning covering over 1,000 hectares per day is an achievable goal.

Choose from one of these configurations.

A Hardi RUBICON with a 6500 or 9000-litre capacity product tank. Armed with a 36.5m to 48.5m boom width.

A Hardi SARITOR 62 Active with a 620-litre capacity product tank. Couples with either a 36.5m or 48.5m boom width. Both models are compatible with H-Select spray technology.

Check on model availability now on tel: 1300 042 734, or see your nearest dealer here.

TGB quad bikes come to the rescue with a range of safety compliant models

The safety build for quad bikes changed on 11 October 2021, when legislation was passed by Federal parliament. And for anyone that buys a quad now that doesn’t comply with the new safety legislation after 11 October, you will run the real risk of not getting insurance on your superseded model.

Any accident that occurs will be at your own expense.

Since the change of quad bike legislation the biggest selling fully compliant models are made by TGB.

All TGB models are fully compliant and have an Operator protection device (OPD) fitted, and qualify for the full purchase price back on your tax, if it’s used for business purposes.

Quad bikes in the TGB range are fitted with operator protection devices that safety experts say will save lives going forward

TGB has revealed the first of four new models for 2023 with the Blade 520, Blade 520 EPS, Blade 600SE and Blade 600SE-X EPS that are available now

All four share high-end features like a solid chassis, front and rear independent suspension, an automatic CVT transmission with selectable 2WD/4WD and a front differential lock.

Plus, a comprehensive digital instrument gauge and sturdy steel front and rear racks.

See more on the latest TGB models on this link, TGB ATV models appear to many as the saviour of quad bikes.

Contact TGB distributor Argo All Terrain Vehicles direct to find your local dealer on toll free: 1300 731 082 or mobile: 0418 749 159.

The full range of models and accessories can be seen at: