Jadan offer specialist hay handling equipment

Jadan Enterprises is a well established family company. It is dedicated to providing farmers, contractors, produce stores and horse studs with a safer and easier way of collecting, stacking and transporting hay.

Established in 1990, Jadan has become a leading manufacturer, focusing on simple and versatile designs, that are renowned for being reliable and efficient.

The Jadan large bale machines, Big Bale Stacker and VertiStack, provide a solution to collecting and stacking large bales.

The Big Bale Stacker collects the bales from the ground and places them into a stack, whereas the VertiStack tows behind the baler and assembles the bales into a stack as they exit the bale chamber.

Both models significantly save time and labour and only require one man and a tractor.

As well as the large bale machines, Jadan also prides itself in making a small bale system that ensures a streamlined process for any hay handler.

The Small Bale Accumulator creates tidy packs of 10 or 15 small bales, which are slid onto the ground, while protecting the quality of the bales. The Small Bale Grab then follows, picking up the pack so it can be stacked neatly, layer after layer onto a transport tray or for storage.

The Jadan Hay Handling systems are fully automatic, with fingertip control of all hydraulic functions from the tractor seat, making it a one-person process for the speedy paddock to shed operation.

The Jadan Hay Handling machines have been designed by farmers, for farmers and will withstand the toughest Australian conditions.

For season availability of their latest product lines, contact Jadan Enterprises on tel: 02 6344 3521. See the Jadan website at www.jadan.net.au