Jadan one-person hay handling and stacking solutions

With just one man and one tractor, the Jadan Bale Stacker operates quickly to collect and stack big square bales into stacks of six or four bales, for storage or transport. The stacker will collect six 3×3, six 4×3 or four 4×4 big square bales

Based in Cowra, NSW, Jadan Enterprises specialises in equipment solutions designed to make it easy for a single operator and tractor to collect, stack and transport hay.

Jadan’s bale stacker range includes popular models for farmers, contractors, produce stores and horse studs.

From the time Jadan started out in 1990, the firm has grown from a small family business, to a large hay handling manufacturer, selling machines all over the country.

Gradually increasing their product range to satisfy farmers’ needs, Jadan now has models to suit large square bales and small square bales in varying sizes.

The single-operator Jadan Small Bale Accumulator offers two models that pack small square bales into packs of 10 or 15

The Jadan Small Bale Accumulator range offers models that pack small square bales into packs of 10 or 15. Bale sizes are ideally 96 and 76cm (38 and 33in).

All functions are operated from the tractor cab. The Small Bale Accumulator is towed behind the baler and works with the Jadan Bale Grab to complete a one-person operation.

Meanwhile, the Jadan Big Bale Stacker collects large square bales from the ground and places them into stacks of six (4×3) or four (4×4) bales, ready for transportation or storage.

Bales can be collected from any direction, so in irrigation or large paddocks the Stacker can run in the same direction as the baler. The most popular combinations are six 3×3, six 4×3, and four 4×4 big square bales.

Jadan Bale Grab
The Jadan Bale Grab will handle up to 15 bales at once for efficient loading or storage

Heavy-duty flotation tyres provide a smooth ride across uneven ground.

The Big Bale Stacker provides a solution to collect and stack large bales while cutting stacking time by 50 to 75 per cent, as it only requires one person and a tractor.

Jadan are the sole Australian manufacturer of a machine with such big square bale handling capacity, and this makes Jadan hay handling systems the leader in the local market.

For more information contact Jadan Enterprises on tel: 1300 523 263 or email: sales@jadan.net.au