John Deere X Series combine harvesters move into high capacity

John Deere X9 Series combine harvesters provide greater harvesting capacity for high-yielding crops with the X9 1000 grain tank at 14,800 litres, while the X9 1100 holds up to 16,200 litres – unloading augers with adjustable spout are available in 7.9, 8.7 or 9.4m lengths

John Deere is adding two X Series combines to its range that will appeal to large-scale farmers and contractors.

The X9 1000 and X9 1100 harvesters represent a capacity and performance level that John Deere harvesting has not offered previously and in addition these models also have the ability to adjust to changing conditions automatically.

Deere engineers have followed the brief to make sure, as conditions change the X9 models are able to make automatic adjustments for the operator, so that it consistently functions at peak levels.

Take a normal day in the life of a busy operator. In the morning, straw can be damp and make threshing and separating tough.

While later in the day the operator gets some relief as moisture evaporates, and harvesting conditions improve.

However, as conditions improve it requires the operator to adjust harvester settings.

Not so any more with X9 models, operators can count on the combine to make the adjustments required – and the compensations are made automatically while work progresses.

But that is far from all these X Series combines offer.

Deere engineers have positioned the John Deere X Series combine harvesters to cover more ground each day while at the heart of these combines is the X Series Dual Separator (XDS) with the largest threshing and separation areas Deere has ever offered

Deere engineers have added a wide feeder house, a dual separator, and a larger cleaning shoe, and these all work together to improve crop flow and increase harvesting capacity to a level never offered previously on a John Deere model.

At the heart of the X Series combines is the new Dual Separator (XDS) with the largest threshing and separation areas Deere has ever offered.

Crop in the XDS is threshed and separated during nine revolutions, and the result is minimal to no grain loss for a much-increased harvest capacity over previous Deere models.

There are seven square metre for the Dyna-Flo XL Cleaning Shoe to operate in. This is a 36% greater cleaning area than the S790 combine it replaces.

In addition, Deere engineers have been tasked with making sure the Dyna-Flo XL Cleaning Shoe can harvest thin dry crops, thick damp crops and everything in between just as efficiently.

To back up this expanded processing power, X Series combines can run up to 14 hours during harvest without refuelling.

The powerhouse behind this expanded momentum comes from a John Deere PowerTech 13.6-litre engine that is coupled with a belt-drive system and updated ProDrive XL transmission that also achieves improved fuel efficiency.

With so much more power at the ready in this venture it is almost a surprise to find when compared to the S790, the X9 1100 uses up to 20% per cent less fuel per tonne harvested.

X Series combines come with an integrated StarFire 6000 receiver, that no longer requires calibration of the Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) and is more accurate than previous offerings.

Coupled with guidance system enhancements, the receiver now boots up and acquires the GPS signal quicker, so the harvester can start running with improved accuracy in a shorter time.

To make sure no operation is left out, and in almost a sense of over-supply, three technology packages are available for the X Series. Select, Premium and Ultimate.

For most growers that still rely on the ability of their operator, the Select package will suffice.

When John Deere’s X9 1100 with its 16,200 litre grain tank is compared to its S790 counterpart it shows there is no match as the X9 1100 uses up to 20% less fuel per tonne harvested to help keep input costs much lower

It includes a StarFire 6000 integrated receiver, Generation 4 4600 display, Harvest Smart, Interactive Combine Adjustment and is Connect Mobile ready.

You can move up to the Premium package as it builds on the Select package with Active Terrain Adjustment and the Premium 3.0 Activation with AutoTrac RowSense, Section Control and in-field data sharing.

And for those coming off a good season, everything in the Select and Premium packages is included in the Ultimate.

Along with Automation 3.0 Activation with Generation 4 Machine Sync and the Combine Advisor Technology Package with ActiveVision Camera technology and Auto Maintain.

All X Series combines come ready to connect to the John Deere Operations Centre, a cloud-based, central location where growers can electronically share machine or operational information.

Once you select an operation package, it’s not quite over yet.

More though will have to go into the X Series cab,  where you guessed it, three cab packages are available including Select, Premium or Ultimate.

In all three cabs as standard there is more storage space, more USB ports and better connectivity than ever offered previously by John Deere.

An optional touchscreen radio can be added that’s smart-phone ready so operators can use voice commands or integrated controls to get directions, make calls, or send and receive messages.

But for those that must have it all, the Ultimate includes a ventilated massaging seat that swivels 16 degrees right or left for improved operator visibility and comfort.

X Series combines are available on wheels or tracks with the added advantage of Control Traffic Farming configurations.

The X9 1000 grain tank can hold up to 14,800 litres, while the X9 1100 holds up to 16,200 litres. This relates to 5 and 15% more capacity than the S790 respectively.

There are folding unloading augers with an adjustable spout for the X Series in 7.9, 8.7 or 9.4m lengths.

A demonstration unit is scheduled to arrive here in 2021, and John Deere dealers will also start taking orders for X Series combines at that time.

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