John Deere pays tribute to farmers on National Ag Day and encourages more people to consider ag careers

John Deere has joined in celebrations for National Agriculture Day in a year when many industry pundits are forecasting record-breaking farm incomes

The Ag industry is no longer the domain of scruffy unkempt men as hard working 21-year-old John Deere technician Jaymee Ireland has proven by carving out a career in ensuring grain growers machinery arsenals are primed and ready for this record harvest

With the Ag industry the continued recipient of strong commodity prices, and farmland at all-time-record prices with growing advancements in AgTech, John Deere says agriculture is positioned as one of our most desirable industries to forge a career.

National Ag Day was established in 2017 by the National Farmers’ Federation to encourage all Australians to celebrate the everyday extraordinary efforts of our farmers, while recognising the critical role they play in ensuring food security and supporting strong rural and regional communities.

In 2021, National AgDay held on 20 November has initiated the theme ‘Choose your #AgVenture” and will shine a light on the exciting and rewarding career paths the industry offers.

More than 320,000 jobs, or greater than 2.5% of the national workforce, are currently created by agriculture. This financial year ending June 2022, the industry is forecast to reach up to $73 billion in gross value of farm production. If achieved, this will be a record result and set us along the path to reach a $100 billion goal, set by the Federal government, by 2030.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Luke Chandler, said it was a bright outlook for Australian farmers and those looking to join the sector, particularly as the evolution of the industry fuelled the need for forward thinking and innovation, as well as a more diverse range of professions and skills than ever. 

“As long as Australians have been farming, they have focused on continuously improving and thinking about the future, and National Ag Day offers the opportunity to acknowledge the individuals and communities who take this approach to the way they nourish and clothe families around the world,” Luke Chandler added.

“And, given Australia’s position as a global leader in agricultural production, and the enormous technological advancements being made to farm in new and creative ways, it’s an exciting and rewarding time to be working in this most important of industries.

“At John Deere, one of our most important roles is supporting farmers and industry with the efficiency-driven technology they need to achieve this — to the benefit of agricultural businesses, the land and rural communities.”

As part of the AgDay celebrations, John Deere has shared a video featuring Wagga Wagga NSW farmers, Emily and Phill Thompson and their two children, William and Camilla

John Deere release an AgDay video

As part of the AgDay celebrations, John Deere has shared a video featuring Wagga Wagga NSW farmers, Emily and Phill Thompson and their two children. 

Ms Thompson, grew up on a farm in the Hunter Valley region of NSW and pursued a career in Sydney before returning to the land more than five years ago when she, along with her husband, Phill, purchased their property “Baragoola” near Wagga Wagga.

“Today, the Thompsons raise their family here, while producing wheat and canola, and breeding cattle. They also aim to commercialise their olive grove operations next year.

Luke Chandler said the video was one way John Deere could celebrate Australian farmers’ tenacity and resilience, and the future-focused mindset, which had helped to position them as some of the world’s best.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Luke Chandler wants to see lot more people make a career in Ag

“There is an enormously diverse range of people and roles that contribute to Australia’s thriving agriculture industry, and John Deere’s is proud to partner with them as they undertake the fundamental task of growing food and fibre,” Luke Chandler said.

“From our service teams on the ground through to our industry-leading research and development capability, working with the agriculture industry to solve problems and deliver value, in a way that is profitable and sustainable, is our key priority — and we are delighted to be celebrating AgDay 2021, and paying tribute to the work of our farmers and their families.”

To view John Deere’s tribute to farmers for AgDay 2021, go to this link.

And it is worth mentioning the John Deere video is reminiscent of the one released recently by Case IH.

These two fiercely competitive badges would no doubt prefer to treat their customers to a bevy of product lines that would look good in any farm shed, but in the instance of simply selling out of their goods for the foreseeable future, a tribute to “Gone with the Wind” appears to be the relevant marketing departments’ solution.

See what you think of the Case IH contribution on this link.

Drop us a comment on the video you like best and tell us your current or favourite tractor badge.

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