Join the tribe and make money from machinery


Can you make extra money out of your farming equipment with a web connection? You can now with a website that allows you to hire your machinery to other farmers in your area. Source: AFDJ eNews

Agtribe is a platform for farmers to advertise machinery for hire, machinery that may be sitting idle in a shed or paddock.

Farmers looking to hire that equipment have the ability to search the area for a piece of equipment they need in a cost effective and efficient way.

Farmers often need the use of an extra bit of equipment, it could be a second tractor for sowing, or a truck and trailer at harvest to a sheep race for fly prevention. However, it’s often hard to justify purchasing the equipment given that it’s only required at certain times of the year.

The concern the Agtribe founders had when originally hiring equipment from other people was “what if something went wrong with the machinery while on hire”, to take this concern out of the equation the Agtribe founders contacted their insurance agency that provided a policy able to cover them for that event.

Agtribe Ag machinery hire will be beneficial for:

  • Farmers not able to justify buying something as they only need it for a short period of time
  • Farmers who own machinery that has broken down at a crucial time
  • Buying equipment to hire out if you can’t justify having the ag machinery
  • To become more efficient by not having too much money tied up in machinery finance
  • Contractors wanting to add machinery.

The machinery can be anything for instance:

Posthole diggers, sheep handling equipment, silo bag in/out loaders, wool presses, tractors, trucks, trailers, fencing equipment, header attachments, field/mother bins, tillage equipment, shed space for hay/equipment, silo space, irrigation equipment and hay equipment just to name a few.

Machinery that cannot be listed for hire at the moment due to insurance is headers and mower conditioners.

Agtribe is free to list and hire equipment from until 1 July 2016 after which it will cost farmers $50/year/listing and contractors $50/year for up to three machines.

For more information visit the website: