K-Line Speedtiller is built for dual purpose tillage

K-Line Ag has positioned the Speedtiller® to handle multiple tilling tasks including chasing down chemical resistant weeds, while it also offers soil improvement for seedbed preparation

K-Line Ag has positioned the Speedtiller® to handle multiple tilling tasks including chasing down chemical resistant weeds, while it also offers soil improvement for seedbed preparation

It’s not often a farmer can buy one machine that serves so many purposes.

But the Speedtiller® from K-Line Ag does just that.

The Speedtiller® is designed to handle chemical resistant weeds, is ideal for residue management and incorporation, while it also offers genuine soil improvement for seedbed preparation.

Since its launch, the Speedtiller® by K-Line Ag has matched expectations among tillage equipment buyers for its durability and quality of design.

It is a true high-performing dual-purpose disc-tilling machine.

The team at K-Line work closely with farmers to develop machines that have options to suit the needs of all farming situations.

If you want to go wider check out the Mammoth – at 3m wider at 15.5m (51ft) the Speedtiller® Mammoth allows an operator to till paddocks far quicker with fewer laps

Operating widths are from 1.75 to 15.5m (5.7 to 51ft) across, and machines are available in 3-point linkage, universal and trailing configurations.

The 3-point linkage option is ideal for row crops, horticulture and small graziers.

It is a compact, cost effective option. It is heavy duty, robust and reliable and comes in a range of sizes to accommodate various tractor sizes.

The Universal (rigid frame) range is the ideal for the graziers to use in paddock preparations.

This model is the answer for all primary and secondary tillage requirements and come in 3-point linkage to reduce purchase cost.

The Trailing range of Speedtillers is often acclaimed as the king of medium-sized high speed discs.

These models are used for primary and secondary tillage applications for medium to large-scale farmers.

This advanced design includes a user friendly, hydraulic fold for safe road transport.

There are also large Powerflex® models that weigh between 7.5 to 22.5-tonnes and have between 50 and 125 discs operating at any one time.

This latest addition to the ever expanding range of K-Line machines is the 15.5m (51ft) Mammoth Powerflex.

Paddock proven for efficiency and durability, the Speedtiller Powerflex moves soil like an offset, and is an excellent finishing tool for levelling and one-pass seedbed preparation.

The Speedtiller Powerflex offers the advantage of a selective dual mode weight transfer system.

It comes complete with wing land wheels giving it excellent contour following in uneven terrain.

This heavy-duty tillage tool offers quick adjust lateral disc positioning, has a proven extreme duty disc arm and hubs, along with roller shock protection K-Line recently joined a global leader in agricultural machinery – CNH Industrial.

This gives the potential to expand the reach of K-Line Ag products for customers, dealers, and both K-Line Ag and CNH teams.

And with the emphasis by CNH Industrial on agricultural technology as well as product innovations it will benefit the further development K-Line Ag’s product line-up.

K-Line Ag continues to drive ahead with innovation in farm tillage machinery by listening to and acting on the needs and challenges faced by farmers.

K-Line Ag products are sold under the K-Line Ag name in Australia and New Zealand through an existing network of Case IH, New Holland and selected independent dealers.

If you have any questions about the Speedtiller® range, call K-Line on 1800 194 131.

See more of the range at:  https://www.k-line.net.au/products/speedtiller/


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