K-Line Speedtiller is the stubble king

K-Line’s Speedtiller has chiseled a well-earned niche in strategic tillage systems as an one-pass tillage tool to manage stubble prior to planting and to incorporate organic matter for healthier soil

K-Line Ag has made a name for itself as a trusted manufacturer of innovative and reliable tillage machinery. This Cowra NSW based family-owned company designs and builds farm equipment to exacting standards, utilising a research and development team familiar with the demanding working conditions of Australian farms.

K-Line’s Speedtiller has found a niche in strategic tillage systems as a one-pass tillage tool. The combination of the adjustable rubber-torsioned jump arm system with disc undercut and the effective action of the levelling crumble roller makes this model ideal for stubble incorporation and seedbed preparation.

Stubble incorporation builds up humus levels in the soil profile, feeding soil microbes, increasing soil organic matter and promoting healthier soils with less reliance on outsourced nitrogen in future seasons.

Similarly, herbicide resistance is gradually becoming an issue as summer rains increase and temperatures warm. Many farming districts use strategic tillage programs with Speedtillers to help eradicate summer weeds and decrease the reliance on chemicals. This in turn gives the chemicals a longer life cycle before weeds become resistant to them.

The most recent model released in K-Line’s machinery range is the MaxxRipper, a heavy duty deep ripping machine, manufactured for breaking hard pans and deep tillage applications.

With deep ripping tines to break up compacted soils to a depth around 600mm (24-in), the K-Line MaxxRipper is the ultimate ground breaker. Where soil compaction is encountered, the MaxxRipper is the answer for superior root structure, greater nutrient uptake, healthier plant development and ultimately, higher yields.

With a full range of coulters and harrows as well as tillage and soil-conditioning machinery, K-Line has all tillage and residue issues covered. Call the team at K-Line Ag on 1800 194 131 for more information or to locate your closest dealer.