KOHLER ENGINES Why Kohler Glad you asked…

The KOHLER name has been in power since 1920

Yes, Kohler makes reliable power products (like engines and generators), but anybody can say that. At Kohler, every engine is designed to help you achieve more than you imagined.

Your job, your earnings, your time – that’s what matters most. That’s why Kohler is maniacally obsessed with making great engines. They have to work – or you don’t. You’ll only get as far as your engine can take you. That’s why it has to be a Kohler.

Built to last since 1920, Kohler engines have been battled-tested at the South Pole, Hoover Dam, WWII and victory lane. And today, Kohler power the toughest equipment in the commercial world. From heavy construction to lawn and landscape, the pros count on Kohler.

Every Kohler engine is meticulously quality-tested start to finish. Kohler’s engineering team runs tens of thousands of hours of performance tests during their design process. Everything’s examined — down to the bolt.

Once the engine design passes inspection, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves the factory, Kohler puts it through the paces one more time. The result is total reliability.

Kohler are agents of change. A company of fearless thinkers driven to do everything better and have the pedigree to prove it.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

Kohler created the world’s first EFI engines for lawn

mowers 20 years ago and now offer more EFI engines than any other brand.

KDI (Kohler Direct Injection)

Kohler built the world’s first Tier 4 diesel engine (Kohler                    Diesel KDI) without a DPF. This revolutionary engine provides operators with a Tier 4 final solution and significantly lower operating costs.

With 13,000 dealers worldwide, Kohler provide the help you need anytime, anywhere. And they’re not afraid to go above and beyond to make sure you’re taken care of.

Kohler know what you’re looking for and deliver performance engineering standards to suit a range of applications.

Professional Landscaping

Kohler know your key to success: lower operating costs, more power and easy starts. Well, now you can have it all. Bottom line: Kohler engines are made for mowing. They start the first time, every time. They’re loaded with enough torque to tackle your toughest jobs. And, thanks to Kohler EFI technology, they can save you serious cash on fuel.

KOHLER are leaders in engines for Industrial and Construction equipment and machines

Industrial and Construction

When it’s time to buy equipment, ask yourself: how much power do I really want? Horsepower and torque, yes. But power is much bigger than that. How about the power to control your uptime? The power to get parts now. The power to withstand the world’s toughest job sites. Choose a Kohler engine, and you’ll learn what power really means.

Home and Garden

Kohler’s professional grade engines are for homeowners who know the difference. Mowers, pressure washers, log splitters: if you want the kind of hardworking, hassle-free equipment the pros use, you’re in the right place.

KOHLER built their KDI range as the world’s first Tier 4 diesel engines without DPF


Kohler have the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything adventure engines. If you’re looking for the next great UTV, ATV or mud boat, make sure it’s packing a Kohler engine.

Why? Their petrol and diesel engines are loaded with the power you need to tackle any and every off-road and on-water thrill rides. And they’re built to last, so the good times are here to stay.

KOHLER offer the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything off-road engines for all-terrain vehicles


Knock-you-on-your tail, punch-you-in-the mouth full-throttle power. That’s what you’re getting with Kohler liquid-cooled diesel engines. Fast-acting fuel injection technology delivers the punch you need and fuel savings you expect. And Kohler’s belt-driven, overhead camshaft delivers low-turbulence performance for near-silent operation.


  • Integrated fuel-injection system and overhead cam help ensure less maintenance and fewer trips to the shop
  • Superior balance, lower cylinder volume, and belt-driven valve train provide nearly non-existent noise and smooth operation
  • Cast-iron block construction ensures durability and lasting Performance


You work your tail off 12+ hours a day. It’s time to hold your engine to the same standard. With extended maintenance intervals and fuel-efficient operation, Kohler Command Pro engines work as hard as you do.


  • Integrated oil coolers extend oil-change intervals and maintain low temperatures during the entire power range
  • High-efficiency, heavy-duty air filters provide protection from debris and ensure longer service intervals
  • Extra-large sleeve bearings support heavy loads in commercial and industrial environments


Say hello to the revolutionary Kohler KDI Diesel engine. A Tier 4 Final force of nature that comes loaded with four valves, high pressure injection and a turbocharger and up to 500 NM of torque. Make no mistake, it was born to take on the jobs other engines can’t.


  • High-pressure (29,000 PSI) direct injection delivers efficient fuel performance and savings
  • Optimized combustion system helps achieve the industry’s toughest emissions standards
  • Built to last with heavy-duty construction for demanding applications
  • Low noise, low vibration

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