Kubota petrol UTV gets a facelift and welcome upgrades

Kubota’s new RTV520 brings revamped styling, improved suspension and increased engine displacement to the company’s petrol UTV
Kubota RTV520
The RTV520 brings increased power and boosted suspension to the company’s petrol UTV

The RTV520 builds on the success of the RTV500 with more power from its water-cooled two-cylinder engine and a host of other upgrades.

“Our quiet and reliable Kubota petrol engine has always been a strong selling feature on the RTV500. The new RTV520 model has a bit of extra grunt; increasing from 11.7kW (15.8hp) to 12.9kW (17.4hp),” said Kubota Australia Product Manager for Agriculture Mark Basile.

“The new water-cooled two-cylinder engine is just as quiet as the previous model with very little vibration. Noise at operator’s ears remains at 83dBA. Handy to note for applications such as council or golf course use.

“The redesigned hood features a new front grille, and improved headlight design. While small design touches, like updated graphics on the cargo tray, improve the look of the RTV520,” Mr Basile said.

One of the most noticeable upgrades on the RTV520 is the suspension performance, a new five link rear system increases rear suspension stroke by 30% and front suspension stroke by 20%. These improvements are designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, even in rough terrain.

Kubota RTV520
The RTV520’s uprated suspension delivers 30% increased travel to the rear and a 20% improvement at the front

The RTV520 has a Variable Hydrostatic Transmission (VHT) that the company says provides exceptional performance on any terrain with smooth and powerful acceleration. Low-speed driving is said to be a breeze thanks to smooth throttle control, great traction and increased manoeuvrability.

With increased power, the RTV520’s towing capacity has also increased to 530 kilograms, the standard trailer hitch allows for greater versatility and the capability to attach trailers or pull-behind equipment.

Mr Basile said the new RTV520 will allow any operator at all skill levels to get the job done with ease and comfort.

“For those looking to optimise, a range of accessories specific to the RTV520 are available including cab accessories such as a plastic canopy and windscreen, new black front guard, black alloy wheel assemblies and a new glove box which mounts under the steering wheel,” Mr Basile said.

For more information visit your nearest dealer or go to: kubota.com.au


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