KY General Engineering Irrigation Pumps

KY Pumps are manufactured in Australia and include a wide range of self-priming centrifugal pumps for any agricultural applications – including Irrigation and effluent removal or dewatering

KY General Engineering provides a self-priming centrifugal pump that is ideal for any agricultural application including irrigation and effluent removal or dewatering applications. These include engine driven and PTO drive pumps.

And a unique aspect to KY Irrigation Pumps is that they are self-priming and don’t need inline foot valves.

Ky irrigation pumps can easily handle weed, algae, effluent and other bulky matter due to its internal cutter bar.Part of the success with Ky Irrigation pumps is the unique impeller design that enables the operator to clear water and or waste with minimal power wastage but still maintain a high efficiency rate.

The engine driven and PTO drive Pumps are both economical and run off a low power base. There is a high volume, low power pump in both the engine or PTO driven range that is both cost effective and easy to use.

One of the noticeable benefits of running a Ky Irrigation Pump is that they are manufactured from high grade galvanised steel and are available in 102 to 406mm (4 to 16-inch) capacities.

These pumps are designed for low maintenance in a sturdy design and are available in engine driven or PTO drive models that run with low power requirements.

Ky Pumps have proven to be economical for high Volume operations and in addition are fitted with an internal cutter to help move bulky matter and effluent efficiently. There is no need for inline foot valves.

KY General Engineering’s range of Irrigation Pumps are made with the highest quality 100% Australian made materials.

KY General Engineering have been servicing the Agricultural industry for over 30 years and pride themselves in offering the best possible customer service.

For more details on the full pump range, contact Ky General Engineering on tel: 03 5852 1589 or fax: 03 5852 3873. See the full range at