Mahindra 6060 utility strikes a chord with budget buyers

Mahindra’s 6060 utility tractor produces 44kW (60hp) of engine power and 38kW (51hp) at the PTO and is available in a 2WD or 4WD ROPS model

Since its release in the latter part of 2017, the Mahindra 6060 ROPS tractor has proven a worthy choice for both 2WD and 4WD budget buyers.

Billed as producing 44kW (60hp) of engine power and 38kW (51hp) at the PTO, the 6060

surprised many buyers with the performance it offers from its full planetary reduction drive and solid body construction.

The displacement is also impressive with the 3.5-litre 4-cylinder water cooled direct injection diesel engine supplying all the power and torque an operator will need in a tractor this size.

The 6060 4WD weighs in at a steady 2850kg while the 2WD holds a more thrifty glance at 2530kg.

The 6060 4WD is a model that leaves nothing to chance with a 15×15 synchro shuttle transmission it appeals as an ideal loader

tractor and also offers a 2.2-tonnes lift on the cat. I/II linkage at the rear end.

The 6060 2WD offers a 15×3 mechanical side shift transmission.

Single lever PTO operates at 540 and 540-economy settings drawing 1993 and 1469 engine rpm’s respectively.

There is a handy 57.5-litres/min hydraulic flow with a 17.5-litres/min split for steering and the balance for the two auxiliary remote valves.

There’s not much between the braked turning circles of the 2WD and 4WD with 3500 and 3530mm respectively.

Most operators will opt to fit the 6060 with a Mahindra ML6002/6004 loader that offers a rugged mainframe, with a durable boom structure mounted rigidly across the chassis.

Its self-level design maintains the bucket in a horizontal position, while the quick hitch design enables a switch from buckets to pallet forks, bale spikes easily.

With a quick attach mechanism any implement can be loaded or removed with just two pins and four quick hydraulic couplers. It is rated at 900kg.

Learn more about the 6060, call now for your local Mahindra dealer on tel: 07 3213 1211.