Mahindra models the hit of the decade

Mahindra has packed a lot of value into its Utility tractor special the 6075 available with a 20/20 creeper transmission and an easy-access hood, a redesigned front axle, flat operator platform and with an overall weight at 2650kg it is able to maximise traction

Mahindra Ag & Auto Australia (MAAPL) can fully expect to have its international executives smiling as this fully-owned subsidiary of the US$19 billion Mahindra Group has achieved unstoppable success since being introduced here Twelve years ago.

Mahindra will deliver seven new tractor models to keep its range on the cutting edge of value, performance, reliability and the kind of toughness we have come to expect from a Mahindra in 2018.

At a major event at Palm Meadows on the Gold Coast Qld, Mahindra Australia hosted its successful dealer network, industry partners, industry media, management and Aussie cricket icon and Mahindra brand ambassador Matt Hayden in an exciting release.

At the very top of the current Mahindra power chain is the mForce 100P full cab tractor offering 74kW (100hp) it will be joined by seven new release models that are all capable of best selling status in 2018

Mahindra’s company slogan is Rise, and Mahindra left no stone unturned in its own quest to keep rising in the Aussie tractor market and confirmed its quest to become a dominant top three player and in fact double its market share over the next five years.

If guest presentations from Cleo Franklin Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President for Brand and Strategic Planning for Mahindra North America and Matthew Hayden, Mahindra’s Brand Ambassador didn’t get dealers excited then seven new tractors stretching right from the market-garden master, Jivo, through to the mighty 68kW (92hp) 7590 did.

These are the new tractor models presented by Mahindra products at the event, to be released progressively throughout 2018:


The pocket-sized Jivo 245Di may be a compact, but don’t let the diminutive size – or the price – fool you, it’s a genuine 18kW (24hp) Mahindra tractor, with all the build-strength, high lift capacity of 750kg and all-round functionality that that implies.

At only a metre wide, with a trailer-ready weight and with a high ground clearance, it’s designed to fit perfectly into vineyards, inter-culture or landscape applications, where a careful touch is needed.

Featuring draft sensing and a 1500-hour plus per annum duty cycle, its designed for work hard.

Max 28 HST & Max 36 HST

Customer acceptance of the Mahindra Max sub-compacts has played a solid part in the brand’s position in the up to 37kW (0-50hp) segment of the Australian market.

Now two new variants of the Max have arrived – Max 28 and Max 36 – to cater for every job task and budget.

Both have a 3-speed transmission with simple hydrostatic foot control, sturdy builds that are either near or way out in front for product weights, and of course, class-leading lift figures from their Australian-built 4-in-1 buckets.

Both models are built in Japan, in Mahindra’s new Mitsubishi-Mahindra plant. Max 28 HST starts from just $26,990 with loader and FREE 4in1.

3650 PST

Nothing delivers premium value quite like the 37kW (50hp) Mahindra compact tractor, and the brand new 3650 with Power Shuttle as standard is no exception.   Beneath the stylish new hood with an embossed Mahindra logo, it’s got an all-new, Eco-friendly Tier IV direct-injection engine, providing cleaner emissions at a lower cost, with no DPF.

There’s still no shortage of grunt, however; with enough hydraulic power at 41.6-lit.min and 1402kg of linkage lift capacity.

It’s all easily managed by smooth Power Shuttle shifting – standard and from just $35,990 with loader and FREE 4in1 Bucket.

6075 20/20 Creeper

Over the last ten years, the heavy hitters in Mahindra’s range have forged an ironclad reputation for bulletproof toughness and durability.

With the latest 55, 59 and 66kW (75, 80 and 90hp) offerings, Mahindra has kept all the things its customers loved about the Utility Tractor range like solid planetary 4×4 reduction, but added a few notable improvements.

The first of which applies to the all new 6075, available with either a 15/15 Synchro Shuttle or 20/20 creeper variant, the latter able to limit ground speed to as low as 0.47kph. This opens a whole new realm of applications for vegetable growers.

There’s also an easy-access hood, a redesigned front axle and flat operator platform and with overall weight at 2650kg, it’s able to maximise traction.

7580 & 7590

Rounding out the product releases for 2018 at the top end are the all-new larger 59 and 66kW (80 and 92hp) tractors – the Mahindra 7580 and 7590 models.

These are ideal for primary and secondary tillage, livestock operations, crop protection, haulage and loader applications and a myriad of other basic farm applications.

At the heart of both machines is a turbocharged intercooled 4-cylinder in-line diesel designed for three things; reliability, fuel efficiency and a big flat torque curve.

Both models offer twin remotes, twin-speed PTO’s and even heavier builds for greater traction and longevity, and best of all, they exemplify the most famous Mahindra traits – uncomplicated design and operation, ruggedness and versatility in any situation, but most importantly bullet proof no nonsense simplicity.

These seven new exceptional value models will be rolled out progressively throughout 2018 and will help Mahindra fill out its complete range of Tractors with Jivo, eMax25, Max28, 1533, Max36, 1538, 4025 2WD/4WD, 3650, 6060 2WD/4WD, 6075, 7580 and 7590 in ROPS and 6110, 8560 and mForce100P in Cab, 17 models in all.

Mahindra became the number one selling tractor in the world by volume in 2010 by providing consumers with value-packed, high-quality tractors.

Mahindra is currently the only tractor manufacturer in the world to win both the Deming Application Prize and the coveted Japan Quality Medal for excellence in Total Quality Management, awarded by the Deming Prize Committee care of the Union of Japanese Scientists.

Mahindra’s professional-grade tractors are built with heavy-duty components that allow them to outperform other tractors in their class and are designed to provide consumers with the ability to push more, pull more and lift more, so they can do more, in less time.

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Behind the power play to become a dominant top three seller in Australia are Yasunori Yoshida, Harish Chavan, and Arvind Matthews Mahindra and Mahindra limited showing the all new compact range for 2018