Manitou takes compact rough-terrain forklift into tight spots

Manitio has designed the ultra-compact MC18 forklift to enable farmers to get around yards and rows easily. It is a product that is perfectly suited to market gardeners that work in difficult terrain and it has a total cost of ownership among the lowest on the market

Manitou’s MC18 rough terrain forklift is squarely aimed at farm producers that need a compact model with an overall width of just 1.45m (4.7ft), which allows it to manoeuvre into restricted spaces.

The MC18 forklift also offers greater visibility than any previous model with less noise nuisance. A height of less than 2m (6.6ft) on its Buggy version offers operators optimum visibility during handling operations due to a panoramic glazed roof without a metal structure.

This is composed of two tempered glass sheets separated by a plastic film (creating laminated glass). This combination ensures that the operator is protected from falling objects, meeting the requirement of ISO 6055 (FOPS) safety standards. With this innovation, Manitou has allowed operators to be able to monitor the load throughout the whole lifting operation.

The MC18 is equipped with a double-skin cover that consists of a tough, rigid section and a flexible insulated section, ensuring that noise nuisance is reduced. With only 79 dB in the cabin while running, the operator works in optimal conditions, whereas the market average is 86 dB.

The MC18 delivers a ground clearance of 30cm (11.8-in). This development gives it greater versatility on all types of ground, and makes obstacle clearance significantly easier. The floor height, accessible without steps, is retained due to optimisation of engine components and allows the operator to enter and exit the cab effortlessly.

There is the option to switch from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive, whether the machine is in operation or not. The 4-wheel drive mode gives the MC18 improved driveability and traction, so it is easier to make difficult crossings.

By switching to 2-wheel drive, the operator can reach a speed of 25kph and increase productivity gains as the fuel consumption is reduced by 12.5% in the handling cycle.

For information on the full range of Manitou farm models, tel: 02 9517 3174 or email

Key features of Manitou’s MC18 rough terrain forklift:

Overall dimensions

(L x W x H)   1.45 m x 2.95 m x 1.99 m

Max. load cap.  1.8 tonnes

Max. lift height  5.50m

Ground clearance 30cm