Manutec Air Hoe Drill conversions

For this season a prototype air hoe drill conversion will be fitted to a Morris Air Hoe Drill and can be used to completely replace the existing wheel gangs of wheels on John Deere, Flexi-Coil and Bourgault models

The Manutec range of aftermarket press wheels has specialised press wheel parts available for John Deere (1830/1835) and FlexiCoil (5000/5500) Air Hoe Drills.  Available parts include replacement high durability 76 and 101mm (3 and 4-in) rubber tyres.

For this season a new prototype air hoe drill conversion will be fitted to a Morris (Maxim) Air Hoe Drill. Once completed the same conversion system will be able to be used to completely replace the existing gangs of wheels on John Deere (1830/1835), Flexi-Coil (5000/5500), Morris (Maxim) and Bourgault (5810) Air Hoe Drills once they have been worn out beyond repair.

The Manutec conversion will be designed to allow easier through life maintenance and will include a split rim and heavy-duty tyre.  Additionally the shaft, bearing and spacer systems will be upgraded to provide additional strength and durability in harder farming conditions. The Air Hoe Drill conversion will provide a cost effective means of extending the life and improving the maintainability of existing Air Hoe Drills. Contact either Mick or Dan at Manutec to register your interest.

Manutec’s wider range of aftermarket press wheel and disc parts also continues to grow, with parts now available for; DBS, John Deere 1860/1890, as well as 830/1835, MaxEmerge and 1870 models.

Also catered for are Seedhawk, Morris Maxim/Contour/Concept, Bourgault Paralink/8910/5810, Flexi-Coil 5000/5500/820, Conservapak and Serafin models.

A full range of press wheel and disc parts is also available to suit most Australian brands of farm machinery, including our Hi-Flex range for extreme sticky conditions, our Mud Razor range for disc machines and our wide range of tyres for split and spread row seeding.

Through the use of rapid prototyping new tyre and wheel systems can be developed by Manutec to fix issues with press wheels, closer wheels or gauge wheels on a range of other manufacturer’s equipment.

Manutec’s own range of press wheels and press wheel assemblies are now available with the zero maintenance agri-hub option. The agri-hub option is a completely sealed, maintenance free hub specifically designed for use in tillage. It increases productivity and cuts down the through-life costs of running press wheels. These savings are achieved through reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

The agri-hub press wheel is available as a standalone wheel or as part of a complete press wheel assembly and will suit those farming larger acreages looking for reduced maintenance costs.  Ongoing research and development is being undertaken in this area with an aim of bringing a completely new long life zero maintenance wheel and coulter system designed for Australian conditions to Australian farms by 2018-2019.

A full range of tyre options is available to suit the agri-hub press wheels.

For more information on Manutec press wheels, gauge wheels and coulters call 08 8260 2277