Manutec expands Aussie Made parts and components

Manutec CNC machine
Manutec’s additional CNC machining capability has increased its product volume capacity and the ability to manufacture specialist large diameter stubs, axles, spindles, pins and other components out to a 110mm (4.3-in) diameter

Putting its faith in the growing local demand for more accurate planting components and replacement parts, Manutec has increased its CNC machining capability and taken on two additional apprentices to assist with the growth.

In addition to doubling product output this latest plant machinery extension will also provide for the production of part sizes up to 30 per cent larger.

This added manufacturing capacity gives Manutec the ability to machine specialist large diameter stubs, axles, spindles, pins and other components out to 110mm in diameter for the agricultural, trailer and mining sectors.

An upgraded CAD capability is also being developed to further assist customers that require a special product design.

All machined components made in the Manutec CNC workshop are made with high quality Australian-made steel.

Manutec expects further growth in this area and will be adding new machinery and staff as required to keep up with demand.

Manutec has also released an expanded range of aftermarket press wheels to fit the following brands and models;

John Deere 1820/1830, 1860/1890, and 1870, FlexiCoil ST820, 5000/5500, and PD5700), Bourgault 5810, DBS/AUSPLOW, Equalizer, Horwood Bagshaw PSS, Morris C1/C2 and Maxim, Seedhawk, Horsch Sprinter.

Manutec’s range of press wheels and press wheel assemblies are now fitted with the zero maintenance agri-hub option.

The agri-hub is a completely sealed, maintenance free hub specifically designed for use in tillage.

Manutec twin walking assemblies run on a single frame and are available in both fixed and swivel models and have the added advantage of zero maintenance agri-hubs

It increases productivity and cuts down the through-life costs of running press wheels. These savings are achieved through reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

Once fitted the agri-hub requires no maintenance, other than routinely checking the nuts and bolts.

The agri-hub press wheel is available as a standalone wheel or as part of a complete press wheel system and will suit those looking for reduced maintenance costs.

Agri-hub wheels can be used to replace any previous Manutec Integral or HT model press wheels as well as many wheels and coulters on other machinery brands.

Manutec ships Australia-wide into all regions and welcomes enquiries from any location.

For more information call Manutec on tel: 08 82602277, or go to


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