Massey Ferguson MF 3700 Series next generation vineyard and orchard tractor

With the release of Massey Ferguson MF 3700 Series it has expanded their specialty Vineyard and Orchard tractors to include a wide-bodied model for more stability while working on slopes

The Massey Ferguson MF 3700 Series specialist tractor range offers the ideal solution for farmers working vineyards, orchards and now includes a Wide Fruit model for the first time that offers greater stability on hilly terrain.

The hood shape in now in keeping with the current MF family look and there are extensive updates and improvements over its predecessor, the MF 3600 Xtra, which at its release also set new standards for specialist tractors.

“Farmers whose high value crops and challenging terrain present additional demands will benefit from even higher levels of specification, which can be precisely tailored to meet their individual requirements,” comments John Horan, Product Manager.

Massey Ferguson’s 3710S sits at the top of the power range at 77kW (105hp) in the MF 3700 Series and offers a slightly wider chassis with a more spacious cab for the operator

MF 3700 Series tractors are powered by four-cylinder, stage 3B new generation common rail engines offering a power range from 55 to 77kW (75 to 105hp).

These engines are fuel efficient and offer a low operating cost with extended 600hr service intervals. A large 74-litre fuel tank has been fitted with the option to add an additional 30-litre tank to minimise refueling downtime.

The fuel tank access is now on the top of the bonnet to speed up refuelling, and it avoids any access issues when a front implement is fitted.

Hydraulic flow has been increased to a maximum 120-litres/min to offer more power when operating loaders, pruners and trimmers.

There is also the option of a fully integrated factory-fitted front linkage, PTO and front loader frame, to once again allow a wider range of specialist implements to be utilised.

Many will take the front PTO option as forward visibility is enhanced by a low bonnet height and this makes it ideal for working with up-front implements. The design engineers achieved this result by fitting the emissions control system neatly on the side of the bonnet.

The operator has been catered for as well with easier access into a more spacious cab that is quieter than its predecessor and hosts a more current dashboard with easy to use controls and more automated functions.

There are now five distinct categories of models in the MF 3700 Series – Vineyard –Special – Fruit – Ground Effect – and Wide Fruit offered for the first time with a low centre of gravity and greater stability on slopes with wider front and rear axles and a more spacious cab

The MF 3700 Series will offer more models than previously, from five ranges in total, making it easier to select the right model for each farm operation requirements.

V = Vineyard – for use in traditional narrow vineyards, now benefiting from a top speed of 40kph

S = Special – for more open vineyards with a slightly wider chassis with a more spacious cab for the operator

F = Fruit – for use in more extensive vineyards and fruit orchards; a more substantial tractor with a wider front axle and a more spacious cab

G = Ground Effect – (low profile) for use under trees, in poly tunnels and in canopied vineyards this version benefits from a wider front axle for greater stability

WF = Wide Fruit – added for the first time to the range. This wider tractor is for use in undulating orchards, also ideal for alpine farms, hillside vineyards and livestock operations. It offers a low centre of gravity and greater stability on slopes with a wider front and rear axle and a more spacious cab.

 Specification packages to meet every farm job

Another first for the MF 3700 Series is that its available in two specification packages designed to meet the needs of specialist farming operations.

There is the Essential version that is available in a full cab or ROPS format.

The Essential runs a 24/24 mechanical transmission, and the hydraulics delivering 95 litres/min flow with two rear mechanical spool valves and mechanical rear linkage.

Plus, now for the first time on the MF specialist range, buyers can choose the higher specification Efficient package, but available on full cab models only.

This comprehensive package offers a 24/12 Power Shuttle transmission, up to 120-litres/min hydraulic flow with two rear electronic spool valves and a mid-mounted spool valve delivering 45-litres/min flow. Add to that an electronic rear linkage and electronic linkage levelling.

To further tailor a tractor to a particular crops or conditions, farmers can also specify additional spool valves, front linkage and PTO, ‘loader ready’ build and more transmission choices with the Essential package.

Proven transmissions for specialist tasks

There is a choice of four different transmissions with the aim to suit any particular work requirements:

Choose from a 12/12 Mechanical Shuttle with a top speed of 30kph. A 40kph 24/24 Mechanical Shuttle with Mechanical Hi/Low. A 40kph 24/24 Mechanical Shuttle with Power Hi/Low and a 40kph 24/12 Power Shuttle with Power Hi/Low.

Transmission controls are now situated on the gear lever allowing the operator to select neutral, forward/reverse and high/low on one lever for improved control.

The 24/12 Power Shuttle version has unique joystick-mounted transmission buttons that group the clutch, transmission and implement functions onto one easy control. Operators can focus on their implement and the task in progress, with every control conveniently to hand.

More powerful hydraulics for demanding implements

The MF 3700 Series has significantly more powerful hydraulics than its predecessor, offering improved performance with implements such as loaders, trimmers and pruners; it also offers a dedicated auxiliary pump.

There is a choice of a twin pump delivering 95-litres/min at 2300rpm (65-litres/min for auxiliaries) or at1800rpm (51-litres/min for auxiliaries).

Or a three-pump system delivering 120-litres/min at 2300rpm (95-litres/min for auxiliaries) or 1800rpm (73-litres/min for auxiliaries), with the third pump dedicated to the rear lift and levelling.

Rear linkages have 2.5 and 3 tonnes lift capacity and purchasers can specify from two to six spool valves to meet their needs. The MF 3700 Series also offers a hydraulic trailer brake dual line for safe towing.

Front linkage and loader versatility

A front linkage option available from the factory can specified as a front linkage only. Or a front linkage + 540 PTO, or front linkage + 1000 PTO and is fully compatible with a front loader.

The cat II linkage lifts 1250 or 1680kg depending on the tractor variant.

In addition, on the MF 3700 WF, MF 3700 F and MF 3700 S is a factory-fitted loader subframe with mechanical joystick for Essential specification tractors and electrohydraulic joystick for Efficient versions. Growers can get more from their tractors and extend their season useage.

PTO (rear) options extended

A wide range of PTO options includes 540, 540ECO 1000rpm and ground speed packages for the wide range of PTO applications that these tractors will perform.

A 540/1000rpm PTO can now be specified to work in conjunction with the optional front linkage and power a range of front-mounted implements.

PTO operations benefit from Electro-Hydraulic Control for smooth, efficient engagement of the front and rear PTO.

Higher specification four-wheel drive system

The four-wheel drive system now offers a dog clutch engagement as standard. But can also be specified with an optional hydraulic clutch pack for demanding conditions, with the benefit of less slippage and minimal wear and tear.

A four-wheel drive sensor now offers automatic engagement and disengagement when the steering wheel is turned at a pre-set angle, for reduced operator effort at the headland.

Front axle suspension is also available, improving operator comfort on rough ground.

Enhanced operator environment

Long and demanding seasons for specialist crops make the operator environment a priority and the MF 3700 Series offers a number of improvements. The foot throttle is now placed along the transmission tunnel in the cab for easy access and improved comfort.

A telescopic steering wheel is standard while a fixed steering wheel is optional and both have the option of additional tilting, allowing the operator to adjust it for optimum comfort.

The right-hand console has been upgraded and revised to include engine memory switches, an electrohydraulic spool valve lock switch and Rockshift dial, plus finger switches for spool valves on the Efficient specification.

The MF 3700 Series also offers a redesigned digital instrument panel and digital radio.

A category 2 cabin is standard with air conditioning and an air Grammer seat. An inside mirror and electric external mirrors are available as an option. Work lights are a further option, giving improved lighting when working around the clock is unavoidable.

Massey Ferguson MF 3700 Series Specialist tractors

Model Engine power Torque Nm
MF 3707 75kW/5hp 320
MF 3708 63kW/85hp 370
MF 3709 70kW/95hp 395
MF 3710 77kW/105hp 405