Merlo TF33.7-115 Telehandler is the ideal compact for farm sheds

Merlo has made an impact in busy farm livestock sheds and stockyards with the quick and nimble TF33.7-115 Telehandler

Merlo’s compact TF33.7-115EE Telehandler is quickly becoming the must-have model for working around intensive animal farm shed and yard operations

Merlo TF33.7-115EE telescopic handlers have a big advantage when it comes to working around farm shed operations as they are compact and lightweight to easily manoeuvre through tight spaces.

By offering a built-in load-management system as standard, the TF35.7-115EE can guarantee safe operation around pallets and when it needs to reach high-up as well.

It’s hard for other compact models to compete with the TF35.7-115EE as it has a full height reach of 6.6m and a very handy maximum capacity load of 3.0 tonnes. For a compact, these are impressive performance figures that other makes can only offer in their bigger bodied machines.

Merlo engineers with a focus on big performance have packed a lot into this small design. As a result, the Merlo TF33.7-115EE delivers on all levels.

The TF33.7-115EE is purpose-built around a powerful scale-to-size Deutz 85kW (115hp) 4-cylinder engine that helps deliver better acceleration and higher max speed than other models in this compact category. With the TF33.7-115EE able to reach a maximum speed of 40kph.

The reason Merlo’s TF33.7-115EE compact telehandler is so good for intensive shed jobbing is the benefit of a reverse fan that always keeps the engine bay at an ideal temperature

In several European markets such as the UK where intense indoor livestock handling is the norm, the original TF33.7 was delivered in 2017, and since that time has been refined to become one of the most popular compact models in the European market.

This gives local buyers every confidence as they are being offered the latest release TF33.7-115EE with everything ironed out for peak farm shed performance.

One of the biggest buyers of the TF33.7-115EE has been from poultry farms where this model is ideal for working within the intensive shed environment and for any quick stacking and loading on and off trucks.  

Backed up with its engine power and lifting height and capacity, the Merlo TF33.7-115EE is also well suited to a paddock environment as well.

The powerful engine to scale of 85kW (115hp) in the TF33.7-115EE compact delivers all the acceleration and high max speed up to 40kph that is required for all yard and paddock jobbing

Within the compact build

With the Deutz 3.6-litre 85kW (115hp) 4-cylinder engine providing the base power, the TF33.7-115EE has the benefit of a reverse fan to keep the engine bay at the desired temperature at all times.

The TF33.7-115EE also gets the benefit of the bigger stablemates in the Merlo range as the transmission and running gear are all very similar.

Take for instance the available working hydraulic oil flow of 125-litres/min from a tank capacity of 85-litres. Impressive for a compact.

All hydraulic functions are operated through an auto-revving proportional joystick, and that allows the operator to simply flick a switch to actuate engine revs proportional to joystick movement, a handy function.

The compact Merlo TF33.7-115EE is built to respond quickly around sheds and yards but is equally at ease working in the paddock with its Eco Power Drive hydrostatic transmission offering a top speed of 40kph

With the combination of Merlo’s Hydrostatic transmission and air suspension seat it ensures the operator will have a smooth ride at all times.

While sitting at barely 2m in height, the Merlo can easily provide a 3-tonnes maximum load capacity and almost 7m in lift height.

Pinning down the dimensions for those limited for space, the width of the TF33.7-115EE is from 2120mm wide, from 2020 to 2120mm high and 4310mm long.

The low-profile version, the TF33.7-115LEE allows the machine’s height to be reduced by 100mm to 2020mm without compromising the cab’s dimensions.

The Eco Power Drive (EPD) hydrostatic transmission with a top speed of 40kph offers a smooth but responsive drive on these machines as it automatically controls and adjusts the engine revolutions based on working conditions.

The Merlo TF33.7-115EE has all the power you will need from an 85kW (115hp) Deutz 3.6-litre engine providing the base power for lifting to almost 7m and able to handle a 3-tonnes load

Consequently, the engine speed is disconnected from the accelerator pedal in a system that results in fuel consumption reductions of up to 18%.

Eco Power Drive models can be fitted with a Speed Control mode, which memorises the machine movement and keeps the speed constant, making it ideal for shed and yard handling operations.

The TF33.7-115EE also offers an engine speed management function from the joystick. While cruise control is standard for certain jobs that need to run at a constant speed.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 85 litres. The standard tyre size is 400/70R20, while the maximum tyre size available on this machine is 405/70R24.

Operators will find there is simple and uninhibited access to the engine for quick and seamless servicing and means less overall downtime

Inside the Turbofarmer cab the configuration can be standard or optional depending on the specific model chosen and it is where operators will be treated to the Merlo CDC display, joystick and EPD control that further enrich this leading workspace

Cabin leads in its category

The cab in Merlo’s TF33.7-115EE compact telehandler is so well-designed that operators have no idea they aren’t sitting in a full-size model.

This cab offering is yet to be reproduced by any of Merlo’s opposition, it’s a workspace where the comfort and access to controls allow formaximum functionality.

The layout is all about grouping the information for the operator and readily giving access to the controls and various systems for optimal handling.

An example is having the reverse shuttle on the steering wheel and giving further access to it on the joystick, whichever is more convenient for the job at hand.

Operators are also offered easy access to a cab that can sometimes present problems on a compact body.

Even with the dimensions of a compact telehandler the Merlo TF33.7-115EE is well suited to paddock work with its high 7m lift and 3-tonnes load capacity and ground clearance of 340mm on 400/70-R20 tyres

But on the TF33.7-115EE there is no entry or exit issue as designers have installed a door that opens to 180-deg and to ensure further stability have installed a handrail just inside to help the operator get in and out easily.

Once inside the cab and settled down to work the operator will appreciate an air-conditioning installation that’s been developed to a higher level of automotive standards.

The immediate advantage is the much quicker turnover of warming-up and cooling-down time when compared to a conventional handler’s AC-System.

Designers have also understood this model will spend at least some of its life working in sheds and yards and as a result have placed the inlet vent on the side of the cab.

This keeps the operator further away from potential sources of dust and dirt, and they still get a chance to direct air wherever wanted through the 8 cleaner vents inside the cab.

A further advantage that many operators take advantage of with the Merlo TF33.7-115EE is the wide range of configurations available at the factory build level. To ensure the model you order will fit into your operation perfectly.

Find out more about the Merlo TF33.7-115EE and how it would fit into your operation here.

For your nearest dealer contact Merlo direct on tel: (02) 9688 0600, email: or see the local website here.

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Merlo TF33.7-115EE and Merlo TF33.7-115LEE specifications