Merlo Turbofarmer 65.9CS jumps a step ahead

See how this telehandler with boosted capacity meets extra demand for height and load

Merlo Turbo farmer
Merlo’s Turbofarmer 65.9CS was developed in response to customer demand for a farm model with increased load capacity and delivers with a maximum load weight of 6500kg that it can raise to a height of 7.5m and hefty 5000kg to 8.8m

The Merlo Turbofarmer 65.9CS is a dedicated agricultural telehandler that will gain a massive amount of attention and buyers.

The 65.9CS can lift to a dazzling purpose leading height of 8.8m and also offers a high lifting capacity of 6500kg.

Add to that an impressive manoeuvrability and ease of use for operators and this placed this model at the top tier of farm telehandlers.

For operators sitting in models with a more traditional 7m reach, the 65.9CS  has been developed in response to their demands for a machine with greater lift height and capacity.

And all the while retaining Merlo’s trademark handling characteristics, the 65.9CS combines its 6.5-tonne load capacity with a brand-new hydraulic system and the power of a 125kW (170hp) FPT engine.

With a variable displacement pump combined with load sensing and flow sharing, the new Hi-Flow hydraulic system was developed in-house by Merlo.

inside merlo cab joystick and steering wheel
The Turbofarmer 65.9CS cab has a leading design suspension system, that uses a hydro-pneumatics to isolate the cab from the chassis and drastically reduce vibrations. The cab is also sound-proofed to a high standard and has generous dimensions to ensure comfort and visibility

It allows the 65.9CS to deliver 165-litres/min of hydraulic flow while incorporating benefits like automated combined movements of the boom and gravity boom lowering.

These functions are designed to be precise, quick and energy efficient, and to simplify the handling of loads in confined spaces, limiting the number of required manoeuvres and reducing the demand on the operator.

The 65.9CS runs a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission as standard but can also be equipped with a CVTronic hydrostatic continuously variable transmission with Eco Power Drive electronic control.

This upgrade allows the engine speed to be reduced automatically when the required power is low.

It also incorporates additional functions such as speed control or automatic speed adjustment based on the required hydraulic power.

This goes a long way toward reducing fuel consumption and limits use to what is strictly necessary so performance is optimised.

Boosting the Turbofarmer 65.9CS’s ability to automate performance and function is through its advantage to automatically recognise the wide range of Merlo-designed attachments available for the machine, and feed that information into systems like M-CDC load management

Safety is at the forefront of Merlo design and the 65.9CS benefits from an update to the company’s renowned “ring of steel” construction that puts a 7cm steel belt around the machine.

This protects the operator and the whole structure against shocks and distributes mass to the lowest point of the machine to increase stability.

In addition, the Turbofarmer 65.9CS employs a number of new technologies to further boost safety in a broad range of operating environments.

The first of these is the self-levelling system that automatically corrects for tilt of up to 11-deg, this allows loads to be lifted vertically.

At the same time, the M-CDC load management system collects a range of parameters from the machine, analyses them in real time and transmits the information to the operator via the colour LCD screen to inform them of the safe working limits.

Data such as the position of the load, the angle and extension of the boom and the weight of the load lifted is collected and associated with the characteristics of the equipment being used (bucket, forks etc).

Boosting the Turbofarmer’s ability to automate performance and function is its ability to automatically recognise the wide range of Merlo-designed attachments available for the machine, and feed information into systems like M-CDC load management.

When the 125kW (170hp) engine power of the 65.9CS is mated to the optional CVTronic transmission and power is delivered to all four wheels.

The transmission comprises two axial piston hydrostatic motors powered by the electronically controlled hydraulic pump.

The Turbofarmer’s boom has a very productive forward reach of 4.7m. It will take a 2000kg maximum load capacity

At low work speeds, they function in conjunction to provide maximum torque, with a claimed increase of 12% compared to conventional hydrostatic transmissions.

During transport, the second hydrostatic engine is then automatically disengaged from the control system and the oil from the pump then powers the main hydrostatic motor that pushes the Turbofarmer to its maximum speed of 40kph.

For maximum manoeuvrability, the 65.9CS provides for crab and all-wheel steering as well as standard two-wheel steer.

This machine is also equipped with Eco Power Drive (EPD), providing electronic control of the transmission to reduce engine revs where high levels of power are not necessary.

As well as introducing additional functions such as Speed Control and automatic RPM adjustment in accordance with hydraulic requirements, it keeps fuel consumption to a minimum level.

The Turbofarmer’s boom has an impressive maximum lift height of 8.8m at full extension and a very productive forward reach of 4.7m.

It will take its maximum 6500kg load up to a height of 7.5m, while the load at 8.8m is restricted to 5000kg. Load capacity at maximum reach is 2000kg.

Inside the FOPS Level II certified cab, operators benefit from Merlo’s patented cab suspension system, that uses a hydro-pneumatic system to isolate the cab from the chassis to drastically reduce vibrations.

Merlo’s Turbofarmer 65.9CS has a boosted 6500kg load capacity but maintains a compact size balanced with impressive manoeuvrability and ease of use

The cab is also soundproof to a high standard and generous dimensions ensure comfort and visibility. The tac-lock system for automatic hydraulic tool locking further reduces operator fatigue.

Operator comfort is further improved by the BSS boom suspension system that both reduces excessive machine pitching and load losses during transfers on bumpy ground.

However, one of the best  additions for operators is likely to be the capacitive joystick developed specifically for Merlo’s agricultural range to improve ergonomics, reduce operator fatigue and increase daily productivity.

A welcome addition to the 65.9CS is the capacitive joystick developed for Merlo’s agricultural range to improve ergonomics. Two sensors integrated in the joystick automatically detect the presence of the operator’s hand, and provide a reassuring, simple, and intuitive control

Two sensors integrated in the joystick automatically detect the presence of the operator’s hand, it’s a comfortable fit, is simple, and offers the most intuitive control available.

At the front of the joystick are the proportional controls of the boom – extension, retraction, auxiliary functions, neutral gear.

While on the flipside is the direction selector (reverse shuttle) switch and physical movements of the joystick provide for control of boom movement functions – lifting, lowering, carriage rotation.

Another addition to the Turbofarmer 65.9CS that operators will appreciate is the MerloMobility telematic system. It gathers machine usage information and the machine’s status and location.

This information can then be accessed remotely for integration into IT management systems, the planning of the next machine maintenance and for security purposes.

If you plan to take the next generation step available for a telehandler, Merlo is here first with the Turbofarmer 65.9CS.

With models being delivered as early as the first quarter 2021, get your order in now.

To learn more, contact your local dealer or the fully dedicated Merlo Australia division direct on tel: 02 9688 0600, email or see more details at the website: 

Merlo Turbofarmer 65.9CS

Max. load capacity (kg):          6500

Max. lift height (m):    8.8

Lift height at max. load capacity (m):              7.5

Max. reach (m):                       4.7

Max. reach load capacity (kg):            2.0

Reach at max. load capacity (m):        1.5

Engine power (kW/hp):           125/170

Transmission: 2-speed hydrostatic

Max. transport speed (kph):   40

Fuel capacity (L):         140

Hydraulic capacity (l/min):      160-250

Weight (kg):    11,250

Dimensions W/H/L (mm):       2400/2510/5260