Michelin wins Ag Innovation award


The Michelin CARGOXBIB High Flotation soil-protecting tyre was selected as one of the three top industry advancements during Canada’s Agri-Trade Equipment Expo2016 in the Ag Innovations Awards. Source: AFDJ eNews

The Ag Innovations Award honors products that demonstrate unique features and offer significant contributions toward improving the agricultural sector.

Judged by a panel of farmers and industry experts, the awards are presented each year to companies that have made groundbreaking contributions to moving agriculture forward.

“The agricultural industry relies on continuous innovation that supports profitability, productivity and safety for farmers,” said Mike Pantaleo for Michelin Agriculture in Canada.

“Michelin is pleased to receive a 2016 Ag Innovations Award for the CARGOXBIB, a tyre designed to help farmers preserve crop yields, lower fuel consumption, increase tyre life and save time.

This tyre is the company’s first Ultraflex Technology tyre engineered for trailers and towed machinery.

Developed in collaboration with end users and original equipment manufacturers, the CARGOXBIB tread pattern is designed to provide improved self-cleaning features, greater endurance, better on-road handling and higher-speed transport.

The CARGOXBIB also works with very low pressure to help protect the soil by using a large footprint to distribute the load, which helps minimizes rutting.

Its round and solid shoulders are designed to limit plant damage.

The Ultraflex Technology, developed in 2004 with the introduction of the Michelin XEOBIB tyre, is the breakthrough mobility innovation that makes the ever-increasing power and weight of today’s farm machinery more efficient.

Michelin was the first tire manufacturer to introduce high-flexion tyres in North America and the first tyre in the industry rated by the US Tire and Rim Association as “Increased Flexion” (IF).