Murray is the new name for all Australian made fencing

Being both Australian made and 100% Australian owned and operated is the right mix for Aussie manufacturing – and Murray gives us that winning combination in fencing

Local manufacturing means more local jobs and a product range we can all be confident to use – the Murray range of fencing and gates is manufactured at whites Group plant in Albury NSW with 75 years of experience to draw from

The need to grow local manufacturing has never been stronger than it is today. And right behind that push is our very own home-grown and successful Whites Group.

Whites is at the top of their game with the introduction of both its Murray brand of gates and wire fencing.

And as a 100% Australian owned and operated family business, the addition of the Murray manufacturing facility in Albury NSW in recent years has elevated Whites to that of a crucial status in supplying fencing products.

A readily recognised logo has been developed for the Murray fencing brand

The origins of the brand name should be no mystery to anyone, and it’s not the name of anyone in the family. The Albury site sits on the banks of the mighty Murray, so the name became an obvious choice.

“It’s a tribute to the history of a great Australian river and at the same time represents the long-standing manufacturing experience of our Albury factory”, said Matthew Stinson, National Sales Manager, Whites Group.

”Each product carries the Born In Albury badge to signify it is locally produced. There’s a sense of strength in the name Murray that carries on through our products.”

“In fact, the M logo itself has the river shape running through it as a reminder that it is locally produced; and the bold green colour is a real standout.” Matthew added.

What makes the Murray difference

In developing the Murray range, the first thoughts were around differentiating the offer before the name was even thought about.

“With an experienced factory and the skills in the R&D team, we had some very strong options for gate manufacture” said Brian Gray RDI Manager, Whites Group.

“We reviewed our manufacturing processes, to improve the strength and aesthetic appeal of our gates”.

The introduction of the latest notched welding techniques provides extra strength to an already strong gate; and the cleaner weld-lines have improved the overall look.

This process was further improved with the now design-registered ‘Double-Notch Welding”. A specific feature on all N-Stay gates, the fitted and shaped weld will improve the service life of the gate.

Murray’s claim “the real heavyweights in Aussie-made gates’ is backed by a market-leading tighter aperture on mesh gates.

“Our Murray gates feature 150mm x 100mm mesh with a 5mm pre-galvanised wire so that they are a heavier, stronger gate.”

Aside from standard features like galvanised pipe, mesh cut-outs for fittings (a real time-saver) and the wide range of sizes up to 6m, every Murray gate is supplied with the unique ‘Shut the Gate Mate’ sign.

Also manufactured at the Murray Manufacturing Facility in Albury is Stiff Stay and Hinged Joint prefabricated wire fencing, Barbed Wire, and Fence Wire to name a few.

The Murray brand of Gates and Wire fencing is available from Whites from February 2022 onwards.

Scan the QR code or take a look at the range online at: or email: also see facebook/whitesrural

Murray STGM I and N Stay gates are in strong demand and have to pass a rigorous welding test before they leave the manufacturing plant

A regional manufacturing success story

Whites Group has put into play the successful combination of experience and technology, a well-recognised way forward for any established manufacturing operation.

“It’s arguably more significant when you’re manufacturing rural fencing which is a critical input for Australia’s farming industry,” said Mathew Stinson, National Sales Manager, Whites Group.

Situated in Albury since 1948, Whites’ manufacturing facility has almost 75 years of history and Australian rural fencing experience to draw from.

This Murray Barbed wire manufacturing machine is working overtime to supply product for every farm across the nation

Always locally owned and operated, the facility started by producing high-quality farm gates. Soon after, they realised an opportunity to move into wire fencing products servicing the local market, before going national with Whites’ strong sales and distribution network.

“Over the past 5 years, we’ve invested heavily in Albury as the basis of our Australian rural manufacturing future, supplying Australian-made fencing through our branch and Territory Sales team, nationally”.

Currently adding an additional shed to the 6,000 sqm site to assist expansion, Whites are supporting the Albury community, purchasing locally and creating jobs.

Murray Stiff Stay is a popular line of fencing wire netting that keeps staff busy to manufacture and package up for sale

“Technology and experienced operators are key to producing quality fencing”, said Matthew Boniface, manufacturing manager, Whites Group

“We’ve recently added another Stiff Stay machine, upgraded our gate manufacturing processes to produce even better gates, and also improved our barbed wire machines to increase output and keep up with demand.” The improvements in technology bring about the requirement for skilled operators and Matthew is keen to train and grow local talent to produce the very best they can.